Jazz Piano Aural Tests Grades 4-5

Jazz Piano Aural Tests Grades 4-5

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The Associated Board's Jazz Piano series is a comprehensive introduction to the world of jazz. A pioneering set of publications and a rigorously planned syllabus provide the building blocks you need to play jazz with imagination, understanding and style and to improvise effectively right from the start. Every time jazz musicians play, they will ask themselves questions such as "What feel is this in ?" and "How does this rhythm go ?"

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The process of listening and continually analysing is a fundamental part of jazz performance, and it is this process which is explored in the Board's aural tests. The tests have been carefully designed to develop the portfolio of aural skills you will need for your jazz playing and will form a natural extension to your study. This book provides a set of practice aural tests for Grades 4 to 5. Exploring a wide variety of jazz styles, the tests will work on your pulse and rhythm skills, and teach you to recognise, copy and improvise on commonly recurring jazz patterns and melodic features. An introduction to the book suggests useful ways to extend and develop activities related to the aural tests, details of the exam and what the examiner will be looking for.

Book, 32 pages.