Jamey Aebersold volume 77: Paquito D'Rivera

Jamey Aebersold volume 77: Paquito D'Rivera

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D’Rivera produced and oversaw this recording himself, using his world-renowned band. A refreshing change of pace, contrasting the thrill of hot, exciting, Latin classics with the meditative, laid back feel of Brazilian favourites. Book/2CDs, 80 pages.

Rhythm section: Daniel Freiberg (piano); Oscar Stagnaro (bass); Mark Walker (drums); Pernel Saturnino (percussion).

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  • Guataca City
  • A Night in Engelwood
  • Lorenzo's Wings
  • Christmas Without You
  • Bluellespie
  • Gdansk
  • Memories
  • Chucho
  • South Of The Waltz
  • El Cura
  • La Dama y el Vagubundo
  • Chick
  • Wapango