Jamey Aebersold volume 76: How To Learn Tunes

Jamey Aebersold volume 76: How To Learn Tunes

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Leave those fakebooks at home! Learn how with this quick and easy method for memorising melodies and changes to any tune in any key. Learning tunes is a key step in becoming a gigging musician. But it is often put off as it is seen as time consuming and frustrating.

In this essential volume, special listening/learning play along tracks take you through the most commonly used harmonic formulae and teach you how to recognize and remember forms both visually and aurally. The extensive book and lengthy supplement give you all the practice tips and exercises you need and important information about tune composition that will have you not only memorising, but understanding how changes work. Includes 62 page supplement of Baker’s compositions for practice, making it the most extensive play along in the series. Book/CD, 91 pages, plus supplement.

Rhythm section: Luke Gillespie (piano); Erik Unsworth (bass); Tom Diehl (drums).

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  • Preparatory Exercise # 1
  • Preparatory Exercise # 2
  • Everybody's Song
  • At Twilight
  • Velvet Rose
  • April In August
  • Eclipse
  • Aulil
  • Changes
  • To The Fore
  • 10/17/21
  • Kirsten And Her Puppy Katie
  • Illegal Entrance