Jamey Aebersold volume 115: Ron Carter

Jamey Aebersold volume 115: Ron Carter

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13 original tunes by Ron Carter, for all instruments. Includes 2 CDs, each with a different mix. One CD has a mix without the bassist, allowing the student bassist to "sit in." This play-a-long is the first of its kind to feature both piano and guitar accompaniment. Ron performs his best original music with his working quartet. Many of these songs have been performed on classic jazz albums. This is a TIGHT group. Recorded in New York. Book/2CDs, 58 pages.

Rhythm section: Steven Scott (piano); Ron Carter (bass); Payton Crossley (drums); Peter Bernstein (guitar).

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  • Blues For D.P.
  • Bomdia
  • Eight
  • Eighty-One
  • First Trip
  • For Toddlers Only
  • Little Waltz
  • Mr. Bow Tie
  • Loose Change
  • Nearly
  • Quiet Times
  • R.J.
  • Third Plane
  • lll-Vl7-ll-V7 progression