James Rae: 40 Modern Studies for Solo Flute

James Rae: 40 Modern Studies for Solo Flute

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Featured in all Trinity Guildhall 2007 Jazz Flute Grades 2-6

The wide range of modern musical styles made available to the flautist in these 40 original compositions. Noted British composer and educator James Rae has included stylistic aspects of jazz, rock and contemporary music in these etudes. The etudes are short and graduated, so that the student can track his/her own progress as technique builds.

Tunes include:

Prowlin'; Undercover; Sad Dance; Jumpin'; Backtrack; In the Wings; Slow Motion; The Big One; Passing Time; Forever; Tumbledown Blues; In the Beginning; Sir Neville; Last Chance; Ted's Shuffle; Happy Ending; Movin'; Flying Overland; Windy Ridge; Down to Earth; Catch it!; Slavonic Dance; Dai's Surprise; Exclusive; Ambiguity; On the Brink; Now Hear This!; In a Dream; Helix ; All Change!; Images; Latin Jive; Round and Round; Entanglement; Meditation; Hard Rock Blues; Frenzy; Inside out; Nomad; Oiled Wheels

Book, 37 pages