Hal Crook: Ready, Aim, Improvise

Hal Crook: Ready, Aim, Improvise

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If I had just enough money to buy only one book on jazz improvisation, Hal Crook’s “Ready, Aim, Improvise!” would be it! That’s because this book contains the truth about jazz as I see it, and as I teach it myself. - Clark Terry

Excellent, practical and comprehensive, melody, rhythm, harmony, improvisation - the lot... in effect a resume of a 3 year course. - Simon Purcell, Head of Jazz Studies, Trinity Music (UK)

A comprehensive, clear study of the critical steps you need to take to master jazz improvisation. It's filled with musical examples, exercises and practice routines that make learning easy and enjoyable and will get you practising more and playing better in no time at all!

Let Berklee jazz professor and trombonist guide you through jazz theory, harmony, ear training, jazz execution, jazz vocabulary, practising, self-critiquing, and career planning. The two play-along CDs feature modal, key-area and modulating chord progressions performed at a slow, manageable tempo.

Book/2CDs, 352 pages