Greg Fishman: Tasting Harmony - A New Approach To Ear Training (Bb version)

Greg Fishman: Tasting Harmony - A New Approach To Ear Training (Bb version)

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A revolutionary new approach to ear training without the heavy music theory - for all musicians!

Tasting Harmony is designed to teach your ear to focus on the sound of each individual chord tone while simultaneously hearing the full chord. This is a new approach to ear-training, utilising the concept of synesthesia; the mixing of the senses.

Tasting Harmony taps into the ability we all possess to discern the different flavors of food items and uses that ability to establish an emotional connection to your note choices by providing you with a harmonic menu of eighty-one different sounds played in all twelve keys…that’s nine hundred and seventy-two chords you’ll hear and “taste” with each listening to the play-along CD.

Listen to some sample tracks from the book:

#1 major 7ths

#2 minor 7ths

#3 sharp 9s

Special Features

• Individual CD tracks train your ear to hear each chord tone over Major 7th,
Dominant 7th, Dominant 7th sus, Dominant 7b9, Dominant 7#9, Minor 7th,
Minor w/Major 7th, Minor 7b5, Diminished 7th, Major 6th and Minor 6th chords.

• Train your ear by chord types, such as Major 7th, Minor 7th, etc., or by chord
degrees, such as Roots, thirds, fifths, sevenths, ninths, etc.

• Includes section on suggested use of the book and nine specific practice options.

• Eighty-one play-along tracks are included on the CD. Want to train for sharp 9ths
on dominant chords? Play or sing along with track 40. Want to train for sharp
11ths on Major seventh chords? Just go to track 6. Easily locate and train for any
chord tone over eleven different chord types.

• CD tracks are played in a wide variety of styles, including: bossa, samba, swing,
12/8, funk, gospel and two-feel. This keeps things fun and fresh while training
your ears, making tracks like “thirds over minor seventh chords” feel more like a
song than just an ear training exercise.

• Perfect for all levels. From the eager novice to the seasoned professional, all
levels of players will enjoy working with this book and CD set.

• Easily integrated into your daily practice routine.

• Perfect piano background tracks over every chord type so that you can practice
licks in twelve keys…If you have a minor seventh lick that starts on the ninth of
the chord, simply go to track 47 (ninths on minor seventh chords) and you’ll have
the piano accompaniment to play the lick in all twelve keys. What if your lick
starts on the third? No problem…go to track 44!

• Great for practicing scales and chord arpeggios in harmonic context.

• CD can also be used without the book for training your ear while commuting,
walking, working out, etc.

• Excellent for working on intonation by matching pitch of the vocalist on the CD
singing the circle of fourths over all the chord backgrounds.

The chord progression of every song represents a harmonic recipe created by the composer. Tasting Harmony allows you to fully stock your ear with the ingredients needed for each recipe, so you don't have to substitute water for cream when it's time to put those ingredients together to bake your harmonic creation.

Tasting Harmony was developed to provide a fun approach for all musicians who want to get involved with harmony on a deeper level in a direct and non-theoretical way. Sing and play along with vocalist Petra van Nuis and pianist Jeremy Kahn as they take you through a full menu of ear-enriching harmonic flavours. 


Book/CD, 68 pages