Greg Fishman: Jazz Trumpet Duets

Greg Fishman: Jazz Trumpet Duets

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Jazz Trumpet Etudes by Greg Fishman is a perfect vehicle for teaching jazz phrasing and improvisation. Well written and beautifully produced, the duets provide the student with a wonderful role model and the opportunity to practise two parts in addition to a variety of chord progressions. I highly recommend this book to students and teachers alike. --Doug Beach, Trumpet; Director of Jazz Studies, Elmhurst College.

World Class trumpeter Brian Lynch had this to say about the new trumpet duet book: "I dig them a lot - I use them with my students. They are very playable while presenting good jazz vocabulary."

From the best-selling author of Jazz Saxophone Etudes comes the only jazz trumpet duet book you'll ever need! This collection of 10 original duets are fun to play, valuable to study and perfect for teachers of trumpet to use with able students. If you're working on tone, phrasing or articulation, then these pieces make learning fun.

The book includes 10 Duets and a CD-- 4 tracks for each tune:
first track - both trumpets and rhythm section
second track - trumpet 2 and rhythm section
third track - trumpet 1 and rhythm section
fourth track - rhythm section only

Each etude is played by Mark Olen, who is lead trumpeter for both the Chicago Jazz Ensemble and the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic. The book also includes a style and analysis section, plus a detailed practice guide for intermediate, advanced and pro-level players.

Take a look at the start of 'Columbus Drive':