Greg Fishman: Jazz Saxophone Etudes Volume 2

Greg Fishman: Jazz Saxophone Etudes Volume 2

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There aren’t many etude books written specifically by a saxophonist for saxophonists that are actually musical, fun to play and highly educational too. JSE2 covers all these brilliantly.
Features include –

* Introductory text that helps you get the most out of the etudes. Specific goals are given for the intermediate, advanced, and professional level saxophonist.
* 12 etudes based on standard jazz tunes and forms (blues, rhythm changes).
* Real ‘jazz language’, containing wonderful examples of voice-leading, sequences and embellishments that create lyrical, flowing lines.

Listen to tune #4 'LaSalle Street' and read the first 5 bars on the sheet music below

Separate CDs are included for Bb instruments and Eb instruments. As etudes are written within the normal range of the saxophone, this makes playing the etudes on either instrument a joy. On the CD, the odd numbered tracks have sax plus rhythm section and the even numbered tracks have only the rhythm section, with extra choruses for extended solos.

Suggested uses for the set –

1. Just listening to the play along CD's will help you gain an understanding of good jazz tone and phrasing.
2. You will hear how sound and space are used musically in context.
3. Finally, you can use them for transcribing practice that can be checked against the written etudes.

If you’re looking for excellent examples of well-written jazz and you're an intermediate to pro level player, order a copy now !

Bk/2CDs, 44 pages