Greg Fishman: Jazz Saxophone Duets Volume 3

Greg Fishman: Jazz Saxophone Duets Volume 3

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Jazz Saxophone Duets - Volume 3 by Greg Fishman features ten duets which are just as fun and catchy as Greg's first two saxophone duet books, but at slower tempos. In addition to the easier tempos, the writing is less technically challenging than Greg's first two duet books, making this the perfect duet book for all intermediate-level players.

This book features ten duets for two altos, two tenors or alto & tenor saxophone. Like all of Greg's books, the rhythm section plays all of the pieces in two different keys, allowing both alto and tenor players to read the same written part. This unique feature ensures that the parts lay perfectly on all saxophones. In addition, the second half of the book features the duets arranged for alto and tenor, making this one of the most flexible duet books on the market.

Jazz Saxophone Duets Volume 3 includes three play-along CDs with 40 play-along tracks on each disc. Each disc is a fun 78 minute musical workout. This book is great for two altos, two tenors, or alto & tenor. Each duet is played by Greg Fishman and Mark Colby (2nd tenor), plus extra rhythm section tracks for extended blowing. Also includes: style and analysis section and detailed practice guide for intermediate, advanced and pro-level players.

Take a look at the start of 'McClurg Court' and listen to the audio sample of the version featuring 2 altos:



McClurg Court, from Greg Fishman's Jazz Duets Volume 3

The 9 other duets on Jazz Saxophone Duets Volume 3 include: Ontario Street; Southport Avenue; Kinzie Street; Woodlawn Avenue; Devon Avenue; Van Buren Street; Peshtigo Court; Avondale Avenue; Hollywood Avenue.

Book/3CDs, 60 pages

Q: Do I need two sax players to play the duets with the play-along CD?
A: No. Because of the extra play-along tracks included, you have the choice of playing the 2nd sax part with Greg Fishman playing the 1st part, or you can choose to play the first part yourself, and have Mark Colby playing the 2nd part. If you have another player present to play the duets with you, you can choose another track that has just the rhythm section.

Q: Can I practice soloing with the play-along CD?
A: Yes. The play-along CDs include an extended version of each duet with the rhythm section playing extra choruses for soloing.