Greg Fishman: Jazz Saxophone Duets

Greg Fishman: Jazz Saxophone Duets

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Jazz Saxophone Duets by Greg Fishman is a collection of 10 original duets that are fun to play, valuable to study and perfect for teachers of saxophone to use with able students. If you're working on tone, phrasing or articulation, then these pieces make learning fun.

The book includes 10 Duets and 3 CDs, which means each tune can be played by 2 altos or 2 tenors or an alto & tenor (alto top line, tenor bottom line). Each duet is performed on the CDs by Greg Fishman and Mark Colby (2nd tenor), and the CDs also include extra rhythm section tracks for extended blowing. The text includes a style and analysis section, so you can learn the principles of bebop arranging and apply these to your own improvisations etc, plus a detailed practice guide for intermediate, advanced and pro-level players.

green quote image Finally a hip jazz duet book from a sax man who can really play. I recommend this to any teacher who wants to share good music with his students. - Phil Woods

Take a look at the start of 'Columbus Drive' and listen to the audio sample of the version featuring 2 altos:


Columbus Drive from Greg Fishman's Jazz Saxophone Duets image


green quote image This is a really fantastic duet book by Greg Fishman. Concise and practical, the duets are also melodic and extremely musical. What makes this book stand out is that it hits all the basics necessary for the development of the skills essential to saxophonists of every level. And it's a "must-have" for teachers as well as students. If you need a modern and musical duet book, this book reigns supreme! - Tim Price, multi-instrumentalist and SaxOnTheWeb author.

Also endorsed by: James Moody, Plas Johnson, Gary Keller (University of Miami), Dr. David Demsey (Professor of Music, William Paterson University) and Chip McNeill (University of Illinois).

Bk/3CDs, 60 pages