Greg Fishman: Jazz Guitar Etudes

Greg Fishman: Jazz Guitar Etudes

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These are great solos and etudes! I'm always telling my guitar students to learn lines and phrasing from horn players, and Greg Fishman's book is perfect for this approach. The book is nicely done and very well laid outCorey Christiansen, Professor of Guitar, Utah State University, Sendmemusic Summer School Guitar Tutor

This book features master jazz guitarist Mike Allemana playing twelve bebop style etudes, as written by top US tenorist and Sendmemusic Summer School sax tutor Greg Fishman. Also includes Greg playing each etude on tenor saxophone. This allows the guitarist the choice of playing with Mike (guitar) or Greg (tenor). Book also features tablature with Mike's own fingerings. You'll benefit from –

* specific goals in the introductory text for the intermediate, advanced, and professional level guitarist that will help you get the most out of the etudes.
* studying the 12 etudes thoroughly, not only because they're excellent examples of fine phrasing but also because the etudes are based on well-known jazz standards such as Take the 'A' Train, Satin Doll, Rhythm Changes, Autumn Leaves, Body and Soul, and Green Dolphin Street.
* the real ‘jazz language’, which contains wonderful examples of voice-leading, sequences and embellishments that create lyrical, flowing lines.

Listen to tune #9 'Michigan Avenue' and read the first 8 bars on the sheet music below

If you’re looking for excellent examples of well-written jazz that are enjoyable to play and contain many points for study, and you're an intermediate level player, order a copy now !

Bk/CD, 52 pages

I encourage the jazz guitar students at the University of North Texas to emulate tenor saxophonists. Greg Fishman's book, Jazz Guitar Etudes, contains idiomatic bebop lines and will be a great tool for any guitar teacher with aspiring jazz guitarists - Fred Hamilton, professor of jazz guitar, University of North Texas