Greg Fishman: Hip Licks for Saxophone (BK/4CDs)

Greg Fishman: Hip Licks for Saxophone (BK/4CDs)

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Hip Licks for Saxophone is designed to help saxophonists develop fluency in the jazz language by providing mainstream jazz vocabulary (swing/bop/post-bop) that nails the changes and lays great on the horn. Among the 168 licks you'll find bebop lines inspired by Charlie Parker, classic Blue Note era vocabulary and many 'public domain' licks that crop up frequently in improvised solos. Each set of licks addresses a different harmonic building blocks commonly used in standard jazz chord progressions. You can learn and use each lick as is or experiement with basic jazz soloing techniques such as rhythmic displacement, enclosure/targeting and sequence and variation to develop each lick into a full blown solo.

Think of Hip Licks for Saxophone as a musical reference book, like a dictionary of great licks in all twelve keys, available when you need it. You can open the book to any page and just start playing.

Need something that will help you sound like a total pro while playing over the most challenging keys, like: C#, F# or B? Hip Licks for Saxophone is an indispensable resource that can immediately show you how a professional player would approach those tough keys and chord progressions.

There are four CDs with the book with slow and fast versions of all the licks, plus rhythm section tracks, all recorded separately for both alto and tenor saxophones.

Book/4CDs, 40 pages

Alto Saxophone CD 1 Track Listing
- Slow Tempo Version

1. Hip Licks #1-12 • ii mi7 / V7
2. Hip Licks #1-12 (backing track)
3. Hip Licks #13-24• ii mi7 / V7 / I Maj7
4. Hip Licks #13-24 (backing track)
5. Hip Licks #25-36 • Major 7th Chords
6. Hip Licks #25-36 (backing track)
7. Hip Licks #37-48 • Dominant 7th Chords
8. Hip Licks #37-48 (backing track)
9. Hip Licks #49-60 • Minor 7th Chords
10. Hip Licks #49-60 (backing track)
11. Hip Licks #61-72 • ii mi7b5 / V7 / i mi
12. Hip Licks #61-72 (backing track)
13. Hip Licks #73-84 • Parallel Maj7 to mi7
14. Hip Licks #73-84 (backing track)
15. Hip Licks #85-96 • Minor Chords
16. Hip Licks #85-96 (backing track)
17. Hip Licks #97-108 • ii mi7 / V7 / Maj7
18. Hip Licks #97-108 (backing track)
19. Hip Licks #109-120 • V7b9 Chords
20. Hip Licks #109-120
21. Hip Licks #121-132 • Whole Tone (V+7)
22. Hip Licks #121-132 (backing track)
23. Hip Licks #133-144 • Diminished 7th Chords
24. Hip Licks #133-144 (backing track)
25. Hip Licks #145-156 • ii mi7b5 / V7b9 / i mi
26. Hip Licks #145-156 (backing track)
27. Hip Licks #157-168 • ii mi7 / V7 / I Maj7 w/Moving 7ths
28. Hip Licks #157-168(backing track)
29. Tuning Notes - Concert A & Bb