Gary Campbell: Connecting Jazz Theory For All Instruments

Gary Campbell: Connecting Jazz Theory For All Instruments

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The chord/scale approach to improvisation has been a tried and tested approach in helping the intermediate player to gain confidence in playing jazz. Here, improvisational devices are presented as derived from diatonic scales, the harmonic and melodic basis of mainstream jazz.

Chapters cover:
(1) thoughts on chord/scale theory
(2) the extraction of pentatonic scales and triad pairs from
diatonic scales, symmetrical scales, etc. - their interrelationships and
application possibilities
(3) developing exercises you can use to integrate the above materials into your jazz improvisation by applying them to selected jazz repertoire.

It's this third topic area that is most valuable to learning improvisation. You can see examples of his theories in action in the examples solos presented.

CJT is for all musicians who wish to expand their harmonic range and improvisational abilities, and all instruments.

Michael Brecker highly recommended this book, calling it "useful and insightful."

This book is the sequel to Expansions and would therefore suit intermediate level players.

Book, 168 pages