Emile De Cosmo/Laura De Cosmo: The Diatonic Cycle

Emile De Cosmo/Laura De Cosmo: The Diatonic Cycle

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Emile and Laura De Cosmo have written a number of books on the subject of how to practise scales so that they become second nature to the fingers and the ear. This book focuses on the cycle common to Western harmonic movement, the cycle of fifths as a means of playing through all 12 keys ('diatonic chords are those built using the scale tones, starting on different tones in the scale.)

The premise is that you will develop thorough technique by playing a particular scales and woodshedding it around the cycle, applying different rhythmic patterns to the linear and diatonic chord exercises. The rhythms are written out, which makes playing the patterns seem less repetitive. Each pattern covers one octave.

The Diatonic Cycle is a useful book for developing facility in all 12 major and relative minor plus harmonic minor keys. It's also a strong sight-reading study for beginner-intermediate level students who play treble clef instruments.

Book only, 184 pages