Dennis Taylor: Hal Leonard Tenor Saxophone Method

Dennis Taylor: Hal Leonard Tenor Saxophone Method

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This useful tenor saxophone tour-de-force is partly theoretical essentials, partly stylistic solos and would benefit any beginner-intermediate level tenor player who is looking for a summary of important concepts and example solos for improvisation, who already has developed a stable embouchure and good technique over the basic range.

The theory lessons (with audio examples played by Dennis (tenor sax) and full backing band) cover all the common major, minor, dominant, pentatonic chords and scales plus modes, as well as altered dominant scales and diminished options. A useful section on embellishments follows, with insight into how to use passing tones and enclosures to help you to sound like a pro player.

The final part of the book features 17 solos over classic jazz standards (including Doxy, Easy Living, Maiden Voyage and So What) and a wide variety of forms and styles (minor blues, soul jazz, 3/4 time, bebop etc.)

An ideal supplement to a tenor saxophone method like John O'Neills Method for Jazz Saxophone (Tenor).

Bk/CD, 79 pages