Dechert: Blues Power Live! - Tenor Saxophone

Dechert: Blues Power Live! - Tenor Saxophone

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Blues is an ultimate form of expression.  With the help of this book you're jamming with the baddest rhythm and blues session around. Produced by top musicians, the recordings bring that club atmosphere into your home, and you can play along live!

Improvisation? No problem! With a practical introduction to improvisation, it’s fun from the first chord. And the hottest blues licks are at your fingertips using the easy-to-understand playing guide. Ideal for intermediate level (UK Grade 5) musicians and up. (If you're new to playing the blues, Sendmemusic recommends Jeff Harrington's Blues Improvisation Complete series as a good way to get into playing blues saxophone.)


- Dynamic, Articulation and Effect
- The Blues Form
- The Blues Scales
- Listening Tips


- Midnight at the Chicago's
- Breakfast in Dallas
- L.A. Lunch
- New Orleans rainin' afternoon
- Blue hour in Boston
- NY 9 p.m.


Book/CD, 48 pages