David Liebman: On Education, The Saxophone, And Related Jazz Topics

David Liebman: On Education, The Saxophone, And Related Jazz Topics

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A Collection of Articles and Papers

Not only one of the leading jazz saxophonists and composers of his generation, David Liebman is also a renowned educator and author. Over the years he has written numerous books, articles and papers on a range of topics related to jazz and education, designed to assist, inspire and inform students, professionals and teachers.

This collection presents a selection of these articles under eight section headings:

1. My Philosophy of Education:
Teaching an Art Form;
My Personal Educational Concepts;
Specific Teaching Points;
Why Jazz Education

2. Jazz Rhythm:
What is Jazz Rhythm;
Advanced Rhythmical Concepts;
Musical Examples

3. The Soprano Saxophone:
Maiden Voyage; The Soprano Milieu in 1970;
The Soprano with Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, and Lookout Farm;
Giving Up The Power Horn;
The Soprano Saxophone Itself;
Solo Soprano;
The Return of the Tenor

4. Principles of Breathing

5. Playing Solo Saxophone:
Tension and Release;
Musical Elements;
The Grand Gesture

6. Concerns for Beginning Saxophonists:
Overview on Being a Jazz Teacher:
Part 1 - Scales, Articulation, Listening and Imitation;
Part 2 - Sound, Breathing, Physical Warm-Ups
Part 3: Ear Training, Reading , Philosophy

7. Straight Talk

8. What Jazz Means To Me

Each article merits reading and re-reading , but as a collection, they form an enlightening and insightful tool for every music educator and player in search of new ideas and fresh perspectives on teaching and improvisation in the 21st Century.
Book, 51 pages