David Berkman: The Jazz Singer's Guidebook

David Berkman: The Jazz Singer's Guidebook

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I highly endorse this book for singers and sure wish it had been on the scene when I was growing up. - Sheila Jordan, jazz singer

Finally - a clear, step-by-step approach for serious singers who want to improve their grasp of jazz harmony and gain control of the music they are singing!
- In an entertaining and engaging way, "The Jazz Singer's Guidebook" will help you to:
   *Learn the basics of how to accompany yourself on piano
   *Learn how to write good lead sheets for your songs
   *Understand the structure of the music, and thereby improve your ability to improvise on the songs you sing.
   *Learn how to hear chord tones and tension notes on the chords found in standard tunes.
   *Learn how to use chord scales, chromatic embellishments and guide tones to make up melody variations and scat solos.
   *And much more!

Bk/CD, 142 pages

David Berkman is one of the top jazz pianists working today. His experience as an accompanist and teacher of jazz voice students has led to his vast knowledge of what today's jazz vocalists need. A must have! - Dena De Rose, jazz vocalist