Daniel Joffe: Saxophone Secrets (Pocketbook)

Daniel Joffe: Saxophone Secrets (Pocketbook)

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Has your saxophone playing hit a plateau? Are you practicing, but not progressing? If you're nodding your head, Saxophone Secrets is for you.

Dan Joffe has assembled the guidance you need if you want to:

¢ Practice More Efficiently
¢ Improve Your Technique
¢ Improve Your Tone
¢ Improve Your Intonation
¢ Buy a new or used saxophone
¢ Find other great information about playing the saxophone

Learn the secrets of the masters and the way they approach the sax. Transfer the information directly to your horn.

Those of you who aren't yet masters, suspend your disbelief and try the techniques of Saxophone Secrets.

Pocket-sized book, 92 pages