Circle of Fifths - Scales Chords and Intervals

Circle of Fifths - Scales Chords and Intervals

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The Circle of Fifths is the simplest and easiest way for you to learn and teach music. It condenses all the essential elements of music theory, including scales, intervals, key signatures, chords into one simple to use A4 sized rotating chart for easy quick reference.

The Circle of Fifths is an arrangement of the twelve notes used in Western music. It was first described in 1728 by Johann David Heinichen. It has been used ever since by musicians and students. Music is an entirely logical system based on patterns, and the Circle of Fifths is the most basic of all patterns used in music.

The Circle of Fifths comes with complete, easy to follow instructions which explain how to use it, and allows you to transpose the information to any key or note you like, making learning and remembering the information much easier.  And the instructions show all key signatures as they appear on the stave, and an advanced section which covers Modes and Chords, with an easy to follow table showing chord/scale relationships.

The Circle of Fifths includes all enharmonic equivalents and is the most complete, thorough and accurate tool for learning the Circle of Fifths available.

One simple circle is the key to understanding the building blocks of music. The ability to understand, explore, visualise and memorise this circle is essential for all musicians and students. This practical hands on tool aids teaching and learning all the major and minor scales, key signatures, pentatonic scales, blues scales, chromatic, augmented, diminished scales, primary chords and cadences, intervals (including compound and enharmonic).

Full explanations with definitions and examples are included. Plus an advanced section discussing modes, triads and upper chord extentions and chord symbols with corresponding classical and tonic Sol-Fa terms.

Rotating chord/scale chart