Champion Jack Dupree: Blues Legends

Champion Jack Dupree: Blues Legends

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Champion Jack Dupree performs at Sound Track Studios and Radhuskroen in Copenhagen, Denmark and at his home in Hannover, Germany. Recorded in 1986 with the Kenn Lending Blues Band, featuring Kenn Lending, Svenni Svafnisson, Kjeld Lauritsen, Frank Larsen and Jorgen Lang also featuring Louisiana Red.

This colorful tape was recorded in early 1986 at various locations in Europe. Dupree has lived there for many years where he has enjoyed great freedom and success.

This tape finds him in a variety of locations - both a nightclub and a recording studio in Copenhagen and his home in Hanover. There are ample doses of his wonderful barrelhouse piano style, but we also get to see the great emotional range of this unique blues artist.

Dupree Special (6:19)/When I Was One Year Old (4:26)/Crossroads (3:19)/When I Got Married (9:40)/Mean Old Lonesome Train (3:52)/My Home In Louisiana (4:07)/Alberta (3:50)/Champion Jack's Boogie (6:23)/You Can Make It (4:02)

DVD, stereo and mono tracks, colour, 48 minutes