Cathrine Sadolin: Complete Vocal Technique (2008 version)

Cathrine Sadolin: Complete Vocal Technique (2008 version)

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This thoroughly updated version of the Complete Vocal Technique book has almost been rewritten from A-Z. The many refinements and changes have resulted from Catherine's research and experience from using the CVT with many different singers.

Chapters include The Three Overall Principles of singing and the physcial aspects of quality singing; Vocal Modes - how to add 'colour' to your voice using Throat, Tongue Nasal Passages etc; Singing Effects including creaking, growling, vibrato; Vocal Problems; and many other techniques to help you to improvise, studio techniques, phrasing and more.

Also new is a much improved CVT Sound Library with 417 female and 417 male sound examples and exercises, replacing the old CD of exercises. The sound library is available by download and a license key (supplied with the book) is needed to access the audio material.

Book, 272 pages, download license key for over 400 mp3s included


Cathrine Sadolin is one of the world’s leading voice researchers and vocal instructors. She works closely with theatre, opera, and record companies, and was vocal coach on the Danish edition of the Popstar TV series. Her research across all vocal styles, combined with her own experiences as a professional singer in classical music and rock music has inspired innovative thinking within the field.

She specialises in teaching advanced singing techniques within all musical styles, solving vocal problems, and repairing worn-out voices. Her annual schedule includes 100-150 workshops, clinics, and master classes for professional singers worldwide.