Bunky Green: Shortcut to Jazz-Essential Jazz Licks

Bunky Green: Shortcut to Jazz-Essential Jazz Licks

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A Shortcut To Jazz Improvisation Utilising II-V7 Phrases & Concepts

Bunky's classic text (originally titled 'Jazz In a Nutshell') is a perennial favourite amongst developing musicians because it emphasises learning by doing. Green stresses "letting theory follow practice" by playing through 80 archetypal lines over II-V7s in all keys.

Green presents very playable sequences that will have you playing through the most common jazz chord cadence, the ii-V7-I, in no time at all. Then important concepts such as chord substitution, chord/scale theory, 'continuity in soloing', the blues scale and 'rhythmic vitality' are fully explained - these are the principles that will make you a tremendous improviser. The main part of the book features 80 different patterns, written out in all 12 keys, for you to practise and use in your soloing.

Here's Pattern #8, one of the ii-V7-I patterns:

This is how it sounds performed on alto sax:

Ideal for all beginner and intermediate musicians who read treble clef, and for use with Jamey Aebersold's book/CD Volumes 3 ii-V7-I and also Volume 16 Turnarounds, Cycles and ii-V7s, plus Volume 21 Gettin it Together and in a Latin flavour, Volume 64 Salsa!

Book, 63 pages