Brian Shaw: How to Play Lead Trumpet in a Big Band

Brian Shaw: How to Play Lead Trumpet in a Big Band

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Improvisation is at the heart of jazz, but knowing how to play stylistically correct in a large jazz ensemble is also a necessity. How to Play Lead trumpet in a Big Band offers tips, suggestions, examples and a play along CD to help you put it all together. The repertoire covers many jazz styles from Basie to Latin and African-influenced music to ECM and contemporary jazz (the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Bob Brookmeyer, etc.).

This informative guide to playing lead trumpet in a big band focuses on exercises and examples that help you to develop crispy articulation, rhythmic security and dynamic control. The introductory notes to each of the eight tunes further highlights goals you should work trowards with each piece. The tunes themselves cover a wide variety of musical styles, so you will be thoroughly prepared for different situations at your next gig.

The accompanying CD includes two tracks per song: a listening version where the volume level of the trumpet is raised slightly so that it can be easily heard, as well as a play-along version in which the lead trumpet is muted, ideal for use with you as soloist using headphones.

Bk/CD, 40 pages