Bob Mintzer: Playing Jazz Piano

Bob Mintzer: Playing Jazz Piano

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For an aspiring jazz instrumentalist, playing piano is one of the most important skills for developing a jazz vocabulary. Bob Mintzer is a renowned jazz composer, arranger, saxophonist, pianist, bandleader, educator and member of the group, the Yellowjackets. His new book is designed for the instrumentalist who is not an accomplished piano player but wants to acquire basic jazz piano skills and jazz vocabulary.

The book includes etudes that make players aware of the sound, texture, cause, effect and function of jazz chords and harmony. The 22 piano etudes feature a variety of styles, tempos, chord progressions and a the book also includes a chord voicing glossary. Mintzer offers a practical guide with a realistic approach.

You would need to be able to read both bass and treble clefs and be confident in playing basslines and block chords left-handed, whilst performing melody lines with the right to get the most out of this book.

Book, 60 pages