Bert Lochs: Groove Quartets (Alto saxophone)

Bert Lochs: Groove Quartets (Alto saxophone)

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Groove Quartets not only provides enjoyment for you, but it also provides playing fun with other wind players. You can form a fantastic, swinging saxophone quartet with 3 other saxophonists. Or you may choose to use another Groove Quartet book from the series to form a different combo and play together with other instruments.

The 4 original tunes have been recorded on the accompanying CD six times. The first with the entire rhythm section and all four sax parts; then follow four versions in which the first, second, third and fourth saxophone parts have been left out; and finally, you can play along with just the rhythm section (no saxes).

The music is ideally suited to beginner alto players, around Grades 2-3.

Bk/CD, 25 pages, plus four removable alto saxophone parts.

This unique series allows you to form a jazz quartet with three players, playing either the same instrument or playing any combination of alto saxophone or trumpet. The CD contains accompaniments from a tight jazz backing band, which makes playing in a swing style easy.