Ben Tompsett: Ultimate Funk Grooves (For Alto saxophone)

Ben Tompsett: Ultimate Funk Grooves (For Alto saxophone)

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Ultimate Funk Grooves contains 92 riffs that showcase the different ways in which the saxophone soloist can add a distinct Funk sound to his / her playing. Each groove has three 4-bar riffs, with chord symbols so that you can generalise the lick to a specific context when improvising.

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The audio CD that comes with the book contains 31 different grooves that accompany each of the riffs cover a wide range of different Funk styles from the mid-sixties to the present day. The book is intended for the musician who wants to practically develop their playing style and improvisation technique in this genre. Also includes a brief discography of important funk bands to check out. Intermediate players up.

Bk/CD, 41 pages