Bart Noorman: Virtual Music School (VMS) (DVD-ROM)

Bart Noorman: Virtual Music School (VMS) (DVD-ROM)

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Virtual Music School (VMS) takes music education into the 21st Century, with the most comprehensive software learning tool yet devised. This multimedia DVD explains melody, rhythm and harmony through well-organised demonstration movies, PDFs and mp3s, in a highly transparent, easy to use interface.

VMS is ideal for the improviser who wants a thorough grounding in classical, jazz and pop concepts. VMS's linear structure with many cross references makes it easy for everyone to enjoy learning about music. Whether you are at a beginner or advanced level, you can quickly access the topics and exercises you need to become a better musician.

Step Inside the Virtual Music School DEMO
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Limited Interactive Demo of the Virtual Music School by Bart Noorman


I have been looking round for years for a method for Jazz improvisation, finding either books that were too hard or books that simply didn't cover sufficient material. Virtual Music School with its multimedia approach provides an ideal comprehensive learning environment for the beginning to improving improviser. In no time at all it was unlocking secrets for me. It's worth every penny, thoroughly recommended. - Mike H, satisfied customer, Manchester UK


The VMS uses multimedia to the max
• 46 movies (over 3.5 hours of video) -  hear live recordings featuring various instruments, see the notes and listen to Bart as he guides you through dozens of topics
• 75 pages of practical exercises as PDFs - access the music easily through the browser-based interface
• Hundreds of mp3s of examples and exercises - copy them to your mp3 player and work on ear training, chord changes and rhythm gym exercises anywhere you go


View the Introductory Movie


Introduction Movie to Virtual Music School by Bart Noorman

Listening to something and seeing what is happening at the same time is, in my opinion, the best way to learn something fast. If you need extra material to practice, you’ll find 2 GB of it on this dvd. Struggling with timing? Go to the Rhythm Gym. Finally want to master II-V-I-progressions? Choose the II-V-I-facilities. You think your ears should open up? VMS offers 174 ear training exercises in mp3 format. The Virtual Music School suits anyone who wants to know how music is constructed – music education at its best! - Michiel Roelse, Gitarist magazine (November 2008 issue)


So many reasons to use it

• You can 'dig deep' into the 'why, what and how' the principles of music work, using the explanatory movies which present audio, notes, analyses and scale material at the same time. Want to know what the solo looks like ? It's on the screen too!
• Unclear about a term used ? The answer is only a click away with detailed explanations of musical vocabulary in the Glossary, plus dozens of answers to FAQs which will help you to learn the correct musical concepts quickly
• Harmony is fully revealed - no longer will you be confused about harmonic subjects, because each fundamental is explained with an accompanying song and full descriptions
• And it sounds good! Real live recordings of professional musicians are standard. No tinny synth sounds.
• You don't play a concert key instrument ? No problem, the play along mp3s are recorded for all instruments and the PDFs are transposed
• Like to have a hard copy of a lesson ? Sure, with VMS you can easily print out PDFs of crystal clear summaries, transparent essays, and many tips for practicing
• And it will extend you with both music theory and aural challenges including Puzzles with Scale Degrees, Tunes to Analyze and Melodies to Harmonize
• Build huge ears fast - zero in on your weak areas of aural ability and with the VMS and regular effort, you know you're going to improve
• Develop your improvisational skills using the II-V-I facilities, play along tracks and solo analyses with scale / chord choices
• You can keep organised with the printable workbooks for students and teachers (with the answers), included on the DVD-Rom


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VMS is a hands-on program that lives up to everything it promises. Highly recommended! - Mark Levine, Grammy Nominee, author of The Jazz Theory Book

What computer equipment do I need?
VMS works on both Windows and Mac systems. For use on all Windows systems (including Vista). Your computer needs to have a 450MHz or faster processor, plus at least 128MB Ram and 2GB free on the hard drive. On Mac, VMS runs on OSX systems. You need at least a PowerPC G3 500 MHz or faster processor, plus a minimum of 128MB Ram and 2GB free on the hard drive. VMS runs from a browser and requires the Flash 8 plugin to work. No other special equipment is needed.

Are there updates / upgrades?
Yes. New features (including movies) and updates are added to VMS occasionally. Check the VMS website for more details.

I have a VMS question I need help with...
Contact Sendmemusic in the first instance. If we can't help then we will forward your query on to Bart at VMS.
Please make sure that you check all of the tip and FAQ screens in the software though, because you will probably find your answers there.

VMS - it's like hundreds of music lessons rolled into one product and available 24/7. If you're serious about music, then this is the product you need.

DVD-Rom for Windows, Mac and Linux; installation instructions


The Virtual Music School is a very complete package for music education for anyone who wants to expand his knowledge of music, train his ears up to a professional level or wants to learn to improvise in jazz, blues, latin and other styles. You should know that this program is not for beginners, and you must be able to read sheet music at a reasonable level. With this package you get an impressive training program at your disposal that has ripened for many years and therefore is very balanced. And all of it in fact, for a ridiculously low price. - Eppo Schaap, - Interface magazine (full article in Interface Issue 121)


You can hardly imagine better music lessons apart from going through Bart Noorman's dvd teaching method Virtual Music School.
Noorman's method focuses on accompaniment and improvisation. Therefore, most of the material is based on jazz and related styles like blues and latin. In addition to clear lessons in various theoretical areas, the audio tracks especially deserve a big compliment. For each instrument a play-along track is available from which your own part is omitted. This package is highly recommended. Virtual Music School offers you a gigantic stack of valuable lessons and practice material, which you can use for months if not years.
- Marten Schulp, Music Maker magazine (October 2008 Issue)