Anton Weinberg: Clarinet & Saxophone Mouthpieces

Anton Weinberg: Clarinet & Saxophone Mouthpieces

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Clarinet & Saxophone Mouthpieces by mouthpiece designer and restorer Professor Anton Weinberg is a tremendous, new illustrated account all about woodwind mouthpieces.

Find the best mouthpiece for you
If you're looking for the specs that will give you a particular tone, this is the reference for you. Learn how different mouthpiece materials, tone chamber design and facing lengths, reed choice and ligatures all contribute to your tone, from an expert in the area.

Which models are recommended?
Discover the most popular clarinet and saxophone mouthpiece models in a representative survey which includes Vandoren, Selmer and Babbit (clarinet) and Otto Link, Meyer, Selmer and the more recent JodyJazz pieces (saxophone) to name a few.

Repairs, restorations done here
Professor Weinberg also includes his range of pieces and offers a restoration service for those seeking modifications or repairs.

This beautifully presented and clearly written guidebook 'shines a light' for all clarinetists and saxophonists seeking factual descriptions and thoughtful, sensible reflections that penetrate the dark murkiness of this confusing topic.

Book, 121 pages

In 1989 Professor Anton Weinberg was recognised by the President of the United States by presenting him with a certificate of excellence, at the recommendation of the White House Commission. Only 8 Such certificates were awarded in the arts and only this one in the field of Woodwind.

Professor Weinberg has held international professorships and musical directorships. Equally he has written, presented and directed productions for Radio, Television and Theatre in Europe, the USA, Canada and the UK.

As a professional soloist of nearly 40 years Professor Weinberg has performed at all of the major international music festivals, as well as broadcasting regularly for the BBC. His research into the developement of stylistic personality in young students has been published and broadcast and he has made contributions to the music of over 30 internaional films and pop recordings.

His knowledge of woodwind design is held in high regard by the music industry whom regularly invite input and analysis of new developments.