Andy Aledort: Slow Blues Power (Truefire) - DVD-ROM version

Andy Aledort: Slow Blues Power (Truefire) - DVD-ROM version

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Slow Power Blues is the resource for electric blues guitarists. Presented by Andy Aledort, editor of several top guitar magazines and author of over 200 guitar instruction books, this tour de force of the style is an extraordinary learning experience and bottomless resource of insight for any student of electric blues guitar.

Andy covers a diverse range of soloing styles and techniques within the context of eight different key centers (E, F, G, A, Bb, C and D). Each key center series of lessons features different forms, feels and progressions and includes performances and detailed breakdowns covering requisite techniques, solo development, improvisation and application of theory. The soloing examples demonstrate a wide spectrum of both right- and left-hand articulation techniques, phrasing concepts and the stylistic signatures that are found in the playing of all blues guitar masters, ranging from Albert King, B.B. King, T-Bone Walker, Buddy Guy, and Freddie King, to the blues/rock virtuosos such as Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Sample video from the course - Doublestop Sixths:

Aledort also takes you to grad school on doublestop sixths, sliding sixths, triads, opens strings, vibrato, hammers, ghost bends, pull-offs, fingerpicks, rolls, diminished 7th lines, cascading lines, expressions, forearm vibrato, B.B.'s box, thematic soloing, improvisation, two-to-three equivalency, repeating triplets, anticipating changes, stretching time, repetition, solo development, dynamics, oblique bends, slides, intervallic jumps, tremolo picking, ascending the fretboard, trills, glissandos and applications of composite blues, Mixolydian, Dorian, and major, minor, and dominant pentatonic scales.

Who's it for?
All intermediate to advanced level guitarists.

What's included?
The complete 67 video lessons in Truefire's Lesson Player (with PIP video of picking hand, slow motion, zoom, full screen and other handy controls), text manual, practice rhythm tracks, tab, notation and Power Tab (so you can see, hear and play along with the tab and notation at any tempo, without change in pitch.)

DVD-ROM, cross-platform compatible with Windows and Mac computers.