Allan Cox: Meet the Bass Player CD

Allan Cox: Meet the Bass Player CD

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Meet the Bass Player CD, by Allan Cox

At last - an opportunity to jam with an acoustic bass player, at a variety of tempos and in different styles!

>> Use it to practise 'locking in' to the swing at different tempos
>> Work on your rhythmic phrasing and articulation
>> Woodshed those blues and rhythm changes songs

Listen to an audio sample of the tracks -

The CD includes 18 tracks, each around 4 minutes long featuring acoustic bass (Paul Morgan) left channel and jazz guitar (Hugh Burns) right channel. The tracks are in the keys of concert Bb, C and F, which are great practise keys for all instruments! Tempos range from 40 to 340 bpm with meters of 3, 4 and 5 in a variety of blues and common jazz progressions.

CD, 18 tracks, 72 minutes.

"At last drummers and dedicated jazz musicians alike can rejoice in Allan Cox's ultimate contribution to rhythm section playing... [the CD] offers players a chance to discipline themselves to the art of playing time... beautifully conceived and wonderfully produced..." - Terry Clarke

"This CD is a great teaching / practice aid for all musicians and particularly for drummers. The range of tempi and forms is perfect and the sound is great too." - John Riley

"An outstanding set of practice tracks for all jazz musicians..." - Jim Blackley

"This CD is an essential piece of kit for all teachers and students who are really serious about improving jazz time and feel on the drum set. Excellent!" - Mike Smith

"I've been enjoying it and recommending it to any instrumentalist trying to develop their own swing!" - Adam Nussbaum

"In a market saturated by music tutorials, it's refreshing to find one that actually does what it says on the tin." - Rick Finlay, The Musician, Autumn 2006.