Adam Rudolph: Pure Rhythm

Adam Rudolph: Pure Rhythm

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As open and generous as the author himself, Pure Rhythm is an excellent and essential introduction to world rhythms. Presented step by step in a clear, intelligent and systematic format, this is a long overdue classic in the field — John Zorn

Pure Rhythm provides an excellent and useful tool for those who wish to advance their knowledge of rhythm — Jack DeJohnette

This book is for the instrumentalist, composer, percussionist, student and music educator who aims to expand his or her understanding of rhythm and overall musicianship. It is an applied guide to the fundamentals of rhythm, presented step-by-step from the simple to the complex.

The book presents a huge variety of poly-rhythmic ideas from around the world, using a 'grid-type' system that explains where the rhythmic beats are in relation to the pulse of the phrase. It is a work for intermediate level musicians who have a deep fascination with intricate rhythms and how they actually 'work'.

Bk/2CDs, 86 pages