The New Guide To Harmony With LEGO® Bricks Play Along (2 CDs)

The New Guide To Harmony With LEGO® Bricks Play Along (2 CDs)

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The 77 New Harmony with LEGO Bricks play along tracks are now available from Sendmemusic on two audio CDs. These are the tracks referred to in The New Guide to Harmony with LEGO Bricks (2008 reprinted edition) from page 214 onwards. The author Conrad Cork explains:

"The single, simple, function of the LEGO bricks Playalong is to enable you to internalise the necessary knowledge base for you to improvise effectively over changes, and in the process to be able to teach yourself anything else you discover that you need to know.

For musicians, the Harmony with LEGO Bricks Playalong is where the buck stops. The essence of the book is here. As you look at and play these changes, you will realize that however complex some of them may look like to others, for you they are now absolutely simple. You are free to be yourself when you improvise.

For learning the basic LEGO bricks with which to construct songs, there is nothing more systematic and thorough than the playalong which accompanies this book. It goes way beyond the ‘II-V7-I’ you get in other texts. For cadences, for instance, it separates out the two distinct aspects. That is playing them in all keys, and joining strings of them together."

The play along features Frank Campbell (piano), Gavin Bryars (acoustic bass), and John Runcie (drums). Here's a sample track from the CDs:

2 CDs, containing 77 play along tracks with stereo separation and boosted bass.

Please note of Conrad Cork's warning about the less than perfect quality of The Harmony with Lego Bricks Playalong copied from page 214 of the book.

Special note to all readers of this book
Technical Note: The original tape masters for the Playalong were accidentally damaged some years ago, and were no longer usable. Since our resources did not, and do not stretch to a proper digital re-recording (any good fairies out there listening?) we were compelled to improvise. We ‘re- mastered' them by dubbing the best copy of the tapes we could find onto a digital recorder, and
making some attempt to clean them up. We have done our best but some imperfections remain. That said, however, it remains eminently usable. It still really delivers.

CD Track Listing
01 Tuning Note A
02 Dominants Forever
03 Minor to Dominant
04 Minor to Dominant 2
05 DogLeg round the cycle
06 Half Dim to Alt Dom 1
07 Half Dim to Alt Dom 2
08 Straight Cad to Conc C
09 Straight Cad to Conc Db
10 Straight Cad to Conc D
11 Straight Cad to Conc Eb
12 Straight Cad to Conc E
13 Straight Cad to Conc F
14 Straight Cad to Conc F#
15 Straight Cad to Conc G
16 Straight Cad to Conc Ab
17 Straight Cad to Conc A
18 Straight Cad to Conc Bb
19 Straight Cad to Conc B
20 Sad Cad to Conc C
21 Sad Cad to Conc Db
22 Sad Cad to Conc D
23 Sad Cad to Conc Eb
24 Sad Cad to Conc E
25 Sad Cad to Conc F
26 Sad Cad to Conc F#
27 Sad Cad to Conc G
28 Sad Cad to Conc Ab
29 Sad Cad to Conc A
30 Sad Cad to Conc Bb || 31 Sad Cad to Conc B
32 Bootstraps
33 Backsliders
34 Cherokees
35 Downwinders
36 Woodys
37 Woodys_2
38 New Horizons
39 New_Horizons_2
40 High_Jumps
41 High_Jumps_2 || 42 High_Jumps_3
43 Sidewinders
44 Sidewinders_2
45 Sidewinders_3
46 Baubles
47 Baubles_2
48 Baubles_3
49 Baubles_4
50 Half_Nelsons
51 Half_Nelsons_2
52 Half_Nelsons_3
53 Half_Nelsons_4
54 Pullbacks
55 OverRuns || 56 Two_Goes
57 Extended_Cad
58 Long_cad
59 Rainy_Cad || 60 Starlight Cad
61 Surprise_sad_endings
62 Surprise_Straight_Endings
63 Simple_Tension_Endings
64 Super_Tension_Endings_1
65 Super_Tension_Endings_2
66 Super_Tension_Endings_3
67 Rhythm_Turnaround
68 Pennies_Turnaround
69 Dom_Substitution
70 GDS_Cadences
71 Night&Day_Cad
72 Stablemate_Cad
73 Coltrane_Substitutions
74 Coltrane_Substitutions_2
75 Yardbird_Cad
76 Rainbow_Cad
77 Rainbow_Cad_2

® LEGO is a registered trade mark used in the book by special permission