Les Davidson and Quist : The Guitarist's ULTIMATE Chart Reading Book  (Book/CD)

Les Davidson and Quist : The Guitarist's ULTIMATE Chart Reading Book (Book/CD)

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The Guitarists Ultimate Chart Reading Book by Les Davidson and Quist

This unique new book is designed to help the aspiring professional guitarist prepare for the everyday challenges of a career playing guitar on recording sessions and live shows.
A series of preparatory exercises to develop reading skills on the guitar is followed by over 90 diverse guitar charts from ‘real life’ sessions, spanning a wide range of genres from film scores and jingles to popular music, theatre shows and jazz and blues. Together with ‘words to the wise’ from the authors, two seasoned professional guitarists with many years of experience over a wide range of musical genres, these sight-reading exercises, guitar charts The Guitarists Ultimate Chart Reading Book will build your skills and enable you to enter the daunting world of studio sessions and live shows and lay the foundation for a successful career in music.
It is a sad fact - but true - that few guitarists come anywhere near the sight reading proficiency of other instrumentalists. While most professional keyboardists, trumpet players, saxophonists, bassists and drummers can read almost any music at sight, guitar players often struggle to play even a simple chart correctly. In a recording studio time is money and, however much the producer loves your sound and admires your fluent technique, if you can’t read a common rhythm pattern or a solo line accurately, he’ll soon find another guitarist with good reading skills who won’t waste precious studio time. Working through this book will enable you to avoid the pitfalls, gain confidence in your own reading ability, and set you on the path to become a first-call session guitarist.
Part 1: Warm-up, Exercises and Helpful Hints (50 pages):
• A series of preparatory studies and exercises beginning with Warm-Ups based on chromatic, major, minor and pentatonic scales;
• Chord reading drills, rhythm parts, common syncopation, simple blues, chord exercises. more chords and rhythm, vertical chord exercises, triplets;
• Single note reading exercises in five keys, cut time, reading exercise
• 8 top tips to increase your guitar reading skills
• 6 single string exercises (one on each string)
• A word to the wise – a cautionary tale

Part 2: The Charts
These charts are culled from a wide range of sources and are published here as they appeared on the guitarist’s music stand on a session. Most were set using notation software but several are handwritten. None of them have not been ‘polished up’ or made easier to decipher and so they give a realistic taste of what to expect when you show up at a session.
Film Scores: 9 cues for guitar
Jingles: 15 guitar charts
Roman Numerals and Nashville: 6 guitar charts
Odd Meters: studies in 5/4, 7.4, 7/8. 9/8 and 11/8
Popular Music Session: 3 pop music examples and 8 guitar charts
Problem Charts: 5 examples of difficult-to-interpret charts and how to deal with them
Theatre Shows: 10 guitar charts
TV Shows: 4 guitar charts
Jazz and Blues: 16 guitar charts
World Music: 14 guitar charts in 10 styles: African, Bossa Nova, Celtic, Country, Cuban Bolero, Cuban Montunos, Gypsy Jazz, Klezmer, Mambo and Scandinavian.
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