Greg Fishman: Jazz Phrasing for Saxophone Volume 1

Greg Fishman: Jazz Phrasing for Saxophone Volume 1

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Jazz Phrasing for Beginners is the perfect introduction to jazz for all aspiring saxophonists. The book features ten melodic pieces which are easy to play, yet convey the essence of mainstream (Swing/Bebop/Bossa) jazz vocabulary. The short, catchy pieces demonstrate how to use sequences and voice-leading to make a musical statement, while clearly outlining the chord progression, without the need for advanced technical or reading abilities.

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I absolutely love this book! I played alto sax for just a couple of years a long time (35 years) ago and decided to start playing again earlier this year. I’ve been listening to records all that time so I know how things should sound, but playing that way is another story! Most of the playalongs are just too fast for a beginner like me to keep up and play accurately but these are perfect; I’ve been able to play even the more difficult ones well with some practice; even the easier ones are very musical with interesting progressions.  My teacher also loves it and is going to start using it with his other students. This is the most accessible/nonthreatening way to start playing jazz that I have found.  Thanks again! - Mark Soffer, USA

The book includes two play-along CDs (one for alto and one for tenor) featuring a world-class rhythm section, plus Greg Fishman demonstrating each piece. In addition, there are play-along tracks with just the rhythm section, so students have the option of playing along with Greg Fishman or with just the rhythm section.

Greg has done it again. Great melodies, interesting rhythms and beautiful chord progressions. This is the perfect foundation for learning jazz. - Jamey Aebersold

Listen to tune #4 Belden Avenue, with sample from the book

Listen to tune #1 Milwaukee Avenue, with sample from the book


This book is the "prequel" to Greg Fishman's more advanced books, Jazz Saxophone Etudes and Jazz Saxophone Duets, and will provide valuable insights into a melodic approach to jazz improvisation. The book is also recommended for all players, beginning or advanced, who wish to improve their tone, phrasing and understanding of thematic development.

Bk/2CDs, 36 pages

This book is the perfect introduction to the jazz idiom for younger players. The pieces are not technically difficult, but are always musically interesting, enabling the student to concentrate on the most important aspects of jazz playing -- phrasing and feel. Although aimed at younger players, these pieces will be of interest to all students and teachers of jazz saxophone. - Alan Barnes, leading U.K. saxophonist, composer, arranger and teacher

This book is a monument to Greg Fishman's superb teaching skills, as well as his clear understanding of the jazz student's early needs. He has purposefully selected accessible tempos, significant melodic rhythms (with their appropriate phrasing) and sensitive note choices, utilizing commonplace chord progressions within the jazz repertory, all impeccably demonstrated by Mr. Fishman on the accompanying compact discs. This book is a must for the early conditioning of jazz students! - Jerry Coker