Conrad Cork: A New Guide To Harmony With LEGO® Bricks (2008 Edition)

Conrad Cork: A New Guide To Harmony With LEGO® Bricks (2008 Edition)

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One of the very few seminal contributions to jazz theory to emerge from the UK, this book has opened musical doors and enhanced the understanding and development of thousands of musicians with its clear, modular approach since the first edition was published in 1985. Conrad Cork has now re-written and expanded this classic text. Even non-musicians can use it, all it takes is an interest in jazz – but there is plenty of material for the experienced player too.< With lots of advice about what to practise, this book offers a thorough understanding of the jazz repertoire as a whole and will enable you to play anything you know in any key, with no effort.

The Harmony with Lego Bricks Playalong (2 CDs) is also availalble (sold separately). Click here for more information.

"It helps you to learn large numbers of songs, and most important, to play them in every key. On the way he explodes the ‘myth of the complex chord sequence’ and ‘de-spooks’ substitutions"Wire Magazine

Comb-bound book, 302 pages

® LEGO is a registered trade mark used in the book by special permission


For a free sample pdf download of the Introduction click here.

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