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Sing Spring In
Come With Me on Horses
Red, Red Rose, A
Dance With the Elephants
We Are the Dreamers
Canticle to the Spirit
Little Firefly
Baloo Baleerie
Angel Song
Catch the Spirit, Share the Magic
Children of the Rainbow
A ma main droite
I Hear Sweet Music
Sugar-Plum Tree, The
Heart of Night, The
Laudate Dominum Omnes Gentes
Cluck, Old Hen
Christ-Child Carol, The
God Be In My Head
Ave Maria
Kyrie Eleison
Se Teco Vive Il Cor
La Mia Stella
Noel Nouvelet
Water Is Wide, The
We Sing!
¡Ay, Mi Palomita!
Oh! My Little Dove
Banbury Cross
Will You Take My Hand
Bold Adventures
Old American Songs II
No. 4 At the River
The Little Horses (Old American Songs II)
No. 1 The Little Horses
What Do We Plant?
North Star
No. 2 The Younger Generation
Can't Believe It's Christmas
Bless this House
Deep River
Spiritual Favourites
Come, All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies
Infant Joy
Seal Lullaby
Are You Ready To Fly?
The Rose
Night Song
The Star
For The Beauty Of The Earth
El Río
Dream Another Dream
May I Be Happy
Sing A Song Of Seasons!
Sing To Me
Rr Crossings
The Sailor and The Sinner Man
Sigh No More, Ladies
Water Lilies Floating
Frankie and Johnny
Thou Art My Radiant Star
Gardener Of The World
Stars I Shall Find
Hope Is The Thing With Feathers
Come Over The Meadow
You Cannot Lose My Love
The Land Of Nod
Grow, Little Tree
By The Light Of The Moon
To The Moonbeam
Jubilant Cicadas
The Power Of A Song
Los Cristales Turbios
Caro Mio Ben
Gypsy Song
Lullaby For A King
The Mermaid's Song
Umi Sono Ai
Exsultate Justi In Domino
Beautiful Dreamer
Petit Enfant
Away In A Manger
Mairi's Wedding
Two Poems Of Emily Dickinson
A La Ru
Risseldy Rosseldy
Torah Orah
Down In The Red River Valley
Music On The Waters
The Wind and The Amfalula Tree
America The Beautiful
Beauty Of The Rain
The Music Speaks For Me
Per Spelmann
Amazing Grace
Across The Western Ocean
Nine Hundred Miles
Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Goin' To Boston
Call Of The Flowers
It Was A Lover and His Lass
Billy and Ming Do The Bebop Thing
Resonet In Laudibus
Some Folks Do
Porky and Porkie
In Dublin's Fair City
Arise My Love
Mozart's Adagio
Oh! Susanna
Little Tree
Angels' Voices
Angels' Voices
Seal Lullaby
Jubilate Deo
Van Gli Effluvî De Le Rose
The Gartan Mother's Lullaby
Moh Lee Hwah
Loosin Yelav
Silent Night
Bell Carol
Skye Boat Song
Out In The Fields
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Little Birch Tree
And One Bee
Unending Flame
The Place Called Morning
Red Geraniums
Schlafe, Mein Liebster
Dancing Tree
Women Who Came Before Us
Óró Mo Bháidín
The Unseen Playmate
I Am A Cloud
Mendelssohn's Prayer For Peace
Three Quotes By Mark Twain
Titania's Lullaby
The Guppy and The Cow
Ave Rosa
There Has To Be A Song
Answer To A Child's Question
Hands Across The Universe
One Bright Morning
Nigra Sum
Mary Ann
Hicks The Old House
Over Hill, Over Dale

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