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Kammermusik I for ten Players
Fanfare For A High School Band
for the 25th Anniversary of the High School of Music and Art, New York City
Symphony No. 2
Symphony No. 2
Symphony No. 2
Canzona For Wind And Percussion (Parts)
Symphonia Sacra In Darkness Shine
Liden Kirsten Op. 44 Ouverture
Danses Norvegiennes
Fastelavn, Ouverture Op. 20
I Anledning Af
5 Svaner
De Slog Sig Ned..
Qarrtsiluni Op. 36
Kong Volmer, Symfonisk Legende
Tolv Med Posten
Sinfonia Piccolo
Symfoni Nr. 3 Op. 46
Symfoni Nr. 5 Op. 61
Variazioni Breve Op. 75
Das Geburtstagskonzert

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