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Black And White Tears
Ein Hauch von Unzeit IV
Fassung für Singstimme vom Komponisten
Mozart: Kyrie, Agnus Dei (Vokalversionen: Breuer)
Drei Lieder nach Texten von Goethe
ear for EAR (Antiphonies)
Experiences (II)
Song Books
Song Books (Volume 1: Solos for Voice, 3-58)
Song Books (Volume 2: Solos for Voice, 59-92)
Sur Le Qui Vive
All Is Well
Vocal Solo (Med. Voices Vocal Solo Key of D)
Somebody Build A Manger
Vocal Solo (Med. Voice Vocal Solo Key of F)
In Memory Of Taiping Lake
Leni Privat
Messe De L'Ascension
Canti Di Benjaminovo
Again (after ecclesiastes)
for small chorus SATB

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