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Réalisations des basses et chants
Chansons populaires des Provinces de France Vol.1
Chsons Pop Prov Franc Serie 1 Vol 1 Vx Unisson S-A
Chansons populaires des Provinces de France Vol.4
Chsons Pop Prov Franc Serie 1 Vol 4 Vx Unisson S-A
Chansons populaires des Provinces de France Vol.5
Chsons Pop Prov Franc Serie 1 Vol 5 Vx Unisson S-A
Chansons populaires des Provinces de France Vol.6
Chsons Pop Prov Franc Serie 1 Vol 6 Vx Unisson S-A
Chansons populaires des Provinces de France Vol.7
Chsons Pop Prov Franc Serie 1 Vol 7 Vx Unisson S-A
Chansons populaires des Provinces de France Vol.9
Chsons Pop Prov Franc Serie 1 Vol 9 Vx Unisson S-A
Joseph Canteloube: Chants d'Auvergne Vol.4
Kurt Weill/Jacques Deval: Marie Galante
3 Chansons de Métiers No.3
3 Chansons de Federico Garcia Lorca
Madrigali Guerrieri et Amorosi
Livre 8 Altri Canti d'Amor Partition (CPJ14)
Caprice à une Voix
Decouvrir L'Opera Francais
Pour Soprano
The C-E songs (Children voices)
Magnificat Anima Mea
Missa Cellensis
Missa In C Major K.259
Regina coeli in C major K.108
Concert 07 D KV271A
Passionschorale (Mattheus)
Nocturne Winds
Tropi ordinarii missae. Agnus Dei
Kanons(14) (Goldbergvariationen)
Messe As-Dur D678
Messe F D105
Einblicke ? Perspektiven
Videoreflexion von Instrumental- und Gesangsunterricht. Ein Leitfaden.
Stimmspass mit dem kleinen Singfrosch
Learning to sing creatively with stories, exercises, and songs
Stimmspass mit dem kleinen Singfrosch
Learning to sing creatively with stories, exercises, and songs
Choral Fantasy op. 80
Übungen zur Gehörbildung Heft1
Übungen zur Gehörbildung Heft2
Übungen zur Gehörbildung Heft3
Kantate 029 Wir Danken Dir Gott
Kantate 149 Man Singet Mit Freuden Vom Sieg
Triosonate Bes (Nach Bwv525 1032)
Kantate 209
Canti (200)
Romanze Risorgimento Italiano
300 Cantati di Autori Classici
Ave Maria, per Soprano (o Tenore)
Walker Deep River Bass Solo
A Vous La Chanson!
Chants Revolutionnaires Du Monde
Douce France
Standard Vocal Repertoire
Rondes et chansons enfantines (50) - recueil
Chansons à boire et de la bonne humeur
Se quanto que canto
La Truite
Victorian Songs and Duets
Serenata Op.6
Ave Maria n°6
Messe de tous les Saints
Anthologie des chants de troubadours
Bouquet des chants de France
Poésies du grand siècle (5)
Chansons galantes et romanesques
Complainte du Roi et de la Reine
Messe de la Résurrection
Laudate Dominum 2
Best-Loved Negro Spirituals
Kantate 014 Wär Gott Nicht Mit Uns Diese Zeit
Kantate 190 Singet Dem Herrn
Mass A flat major D 678
Messe As-Dur D. 678
35 Canzonettas And Songs
Weltliche Gesange 1 Op.42(62)
Klassiker Des Deutschen Liedes
Klassiker Des Deutschen Liedes
Winterreise Studien Mittel
Winterreise Op.89 D911 Hoog
Schwanengesang Laag
Winterreise Op.89 D911 Laag
Messe C Kv427 Sopraan (Lernen)
Alla Scoperta di Nuovi Mondi Sonori
Canti Liber.
Canti Libera
The Great Unaccompanied Motets
Ave Maria Op. 52, No.6, For Low Voice and Piano
Chants des noëls anciens et modernes pour voix
9 Songs
Sacred Songs
10 Songs
Vote For Names!
40 Earlier Songs Of Ives
Oh Happy Day
Lieder Mit Klavierbegleitung
75 Songs - High Voice
75 Songs - Low Voice
Songs By John Duke, Volume 4
Two Songs
Four Songs
Four Songs
Two Songs
Early Songs
Four Songs
Five Songs On French And German Texts
Two Songs
Three Songs
Two Songs
Sing to the Lord
Vocal Solo
Walk with Them Lord
Vocal Solo
Two Anthems set to Traditional Tunes
A Musical Entertainment for Soloists, Chorus, Narrator & Stage Band
A Musical Entertainment for Soloists, Chorus, Narrator & Stage Band
The Glitter Gang
A Cassation for Audience and Piano
Ocean World
an Ecological Musical for Soloists, Chorus, Narrator and Stage Band
The Shepherd King
Musical Play in Eight Scenes
Countess Maritza
Operetta in Three Acts
The Ragged Child
A Musical Play
The Vernon Duke Songbook - Vol. 1
The Unknown Kurt Weill
A Collection of 14 Songs as Sung by Teresa Stratas
Laude Cortonese Volume 3
Vocal Score
La Voix Humaine
Anna Bolena
As of a Dream
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Solfeo de los Solfeos - Book I
Solfége des Solféges - Book I
Star Spangled Banner
Teoria de la Musica (nueva Edición)
Voice Technique - In Spanish Only
Lucia di Lammermoor
Tristan und Isolde
The Queen of Spades (Pique Dame)
Un Ballo in Maschera (A Masked Ball)
The Tales Of Hoffmann
The Daughter of the Regiment
Texte Français/Anglais
Jack Sound and His Dog Blowing His Final Trumpet
The Toy Shop
True and False Unicorn
Hugh The Drover
The King's Contest
Green Eggs and Ham (Dr. Seuss)
Monkey See Monkey Do
Polar Express
Con Flor Y Canto
A Cantata for Soloists, Chorus, Children's Chorus & Orchestra
Dr. Suess's Gertrude McFuzz
Vocal Score
Francesco Paolo Tosti - 30 Songs
High Voice
Richard Danielpour - Sweet Talk
Sid The Serpent Who Wanted To Sing
65 Songs - Medium/Low Voice
Medium/Low Voice Edition
Arias for Baritone
Only a Miracle
Civilization and Its Discontents
Hangman, Hangman
Volume 24: Vocal Works
Full Score
Volume 25: Vocal Works
Vocal Score
The Faces of Love - Complete, Books 1-3
Les Huguenots
Vocalises(24) 2 Op.85 All Voices
Vocalises Op.93 Mezzo Sopr.
Chansons celtes (20)
Entrez dans la danse
Si tous les enfants de la terre
Petits pavés
Petites Histoires Naturelles
Mélodies de Basse-Bretagne (30)
Voyez comme on danse
Amour et Grammaire - 6 mélodies
Livre à chanter
Doce Canciones Populares
Canciones Vol 1
Canciones Vol 2
Canciones Vol 3
Canciones Populars Argentinas Vol 1
Las Preencias No-7
Rosita Iglesias
Das Glashaus 1974-75
The Words Of: 100 Country And Western Songs
100 Country and Western Songs
Women Of Yueh
Worlde's Blisse
Daedalus Remembers
Glass Hymn - Act Ii Akhnaten Counter Tenor
The Fall Of The House Of Usher
Come To The Fair In G Major
Stevenson, J Last Rose Of Summer Pv
The Song Fair
30 Folk Songs
Modal Setting Of The Communion Service
Psalter Manual Of Plainsong Revised
O Light Everlasting
Stabat Mater (English)
Song Of Miriam
The Aldrich Book Of Catches
This Is The Day V/S
The Weeping Of The Muse On The Death Of Lord Byron
The Mount Of Olives
Hutchinson Young King Cole M&r 2/6 Voice
Hand Carillons Set 2 No.3 Vce
Brittany In G High Voice
Eight Songs For Medium Voice & Piano
Bauld Alison Two Shakespeare Songs Vce/pf
Lefanu Rory's Rounds For Young Singers
A Box Of Toys
Pehkonen Pop Into The Middle Ages Voices
Winters Three Pigs Voices
The Lady Of Shalott
Bride Of Seville
Blake Toussaint Aristocracy Of The Skin V/S
The Gartan Mother's Lullaby
Reynolds The Policemans Serenade Vocal Score
What's In The Air To-day
What's In The Air Today
What's In The Air Today Low Voice/Piano
Spring Is At The Door
O For The Wings Of A Dove (West)
Over Hill Over Dale V/S
Soft Notes And Gently Rais'd Accent
See Where She Sits Vol 22 Vs
If Music Be The Food Of Love
The Fatal Hour Comes On
How Pleasant Is This Flow'ry Plain Vol 22 Vs
Ah How Sweet It Is To Love Vol 21 Vs
Not All My Torrents Vol 25 Vs
Practical Voice Production Notes
Croft I Will Sing Unto The Lord (Croft 10)
The Revenge
Te Deum And Jubilate In C
A Box Of Toys
Palmer Cinderella Vs
Not Unto Us O Lord Psalm 115
Ode To Music
God So Loved The World
H Be Welcome Then Great Sir V/S
In Moonlight In F Medium Voice And Piano
From The Depths Of Woe I Call On Thee (Cantata 38)
Communion Service In G Vocal Score
Eden Vocal Score
Voyage Of Maeldune Vocal Score
Old English Suite Vocal Score
R From The Song Of Songs Voice And P.
Humorous Scottish Songs Book 1
Comfortable Words
No Sir B Flat Pv
The Boy Mozart
Part One
Cat's Tale
Vocal Score
Varios Veinte Lecciones De Solfeo
Rodereda Y Santigos Virolai De La Virgen
Turina Tres Arias
Alonso: Las Castigatoras Partitura
Los Claveles
Canto Rural
El Fallero
Nesca, Zortzico
Hebe Un Mati
Arte Coral Vol 1 Vh O Vm for choir
Arte Coral Vol 2 V.B.for choir
Arte Coral Vol 3 V.H O V.M. for choir
Belen, Villancicos Para Voces
Arte Coral Vol 4 V.B for choir
Tres Coros V.I.
Tres Canciones Corales Infantile
Benetido: Arte Coral Vol 5 V.B. for choir
Cantoria 25 Coros Muy Faciles a 3 v.m. I
Les Folies
Els Pastorets
Arte Coral Vol 6 for V.M. for choir
Fabordon Del I Tono
Infantas: Victimae Paschali Secuencia for 6vm
Rex Autem David Motet
Cevallos: S16 Exaudiat Motete for 4 V.M
Comes: Polifonia Espanola Escuela Valenciana
Tu Habanera
Toldra La Rosa Als Llavis
Xavier Montsalvatge: Habaneras De La Costa Brava
Ruiz Gasch: Paloma Blanca Habanera for 6 V.M
Ruiz Gasch: Paloma Mensajera Habanera for 4 V.M.
Ruiz Gasch: Te Vi En La Playa Habanerafor 6 V.M.
Ruiz Gasch: Dolor De Ausencia Habanera for V.M.
Vives: Processo A La Muntanya
Varios El Pasodoble Cancion Pasadoble
Cuatro Cantigas for Voice (Transc.Pedrell)
Palau: La Flor De Lliri Blau for 2 Equal Voices
Scherzino for V.B
La Marcha Da Cadiz (Libreto)
Lamana Canciones
De Andalucia Medieval Y Renacentista
Manen El Cavaller Enamorat Sardana
Ruiz Gasch: Mientras Yo Sueno Habanera for 4VM
Ruiz Gasch: Fresca Rosa Habanera for 4 V.M
Ruiz Gasch: Cuba Hermosa Habanera for 5 V.M
Ruiz Gasch: En Un Lago Habanera for 5 V.M
Ruiz Gasch: Nina Hermosa Habanera for 4 V.M
Davia: Santa Faz Plegaria for 4 V.M
Escudero Canciones Cua 1
Escudero Canciones Cua 2
Ecce Sic Benedicetur Homo
Algarra: Montame En La Moto for Voice and Piano
Blason De Espana (Pasodoble Con Fandangos)
Coleccion De Canciones - Volume 1
Melodia De Las Flores De Mirentxu
Caballero El Cabo Primero
Casas Himno Nacional Espanol
Alvarez: A Granada for Mezzo-soprano
Alvarez: Mi Patria, Cancion Espanola
Alvarez: La Partida, Cancion Espanola
Alvarez: Pesares, Cancion Espanola
Alvarez: Los Ojos Negros, Cancion espanola
Caballero La Riojanica, Jota
Alvarez: No Me Abandones, Plegaria A La Virgen
Darmanin: Saludo Filial Vocal for Duet /Pf
Reventos: La Aurora Serenata for 4 V.M
Chapi El Punao De Rosas
La Revoltosa
Preludio De La Revoltosa
Agua Azucarillos Y Aguardiente
Pueblo Canciones V Vol
Alma De Dios No.3 Seguidillas
If Only You Had Cared For Me
Così Parlò l'Abarbanel
Per Soprano Solo
In Un Granello Di Sabbia
Canzoni Bambine
El Anillo del Nibelungo
Oh, lanyka, oh, lanykam...
Enchantment of Cantata profana
Don Carlos Elle Ne M'Aime Pas Chant Seul
Madelon De La Victoire Varioustes Chant Seul
Texte Anglais Et Francais
Republica! Republica! Compact Disc
Vent Et La Petite Fille Compact Disc
Artful Dodgers (Performer's Part)
Of Mice and Mozart: 5 Pack
Toyland Tintype Performer's
No Ticket To Ride
Perry Kum Ba Yah Tbb With Percussion
Crying For A Dream
Te Culote
Die schiffbrüchigen Schatzsucher
Bühnenzauber - Musiktheater für Kinder 1, Lehrerband
5 Lieder
Kookoojoo and The Magic Forest
The Miracle Masque - Libretto
Songs Vol 1 (Medium)
Sleepwalkers - Libretto
Belinda and The Baron
Poetic Image (Medium)
Two Irish Songs
I Love Life
A Comprehensive Course In Sight-Singing(Solfeggio)
Come Creator Spirit
Mortetto O Coelitum
Roman Vespers of 1707
Callas, les images d'une voix
Ave Maria
Ave Maria
Beautiful Dreamer
Hear My Prayer
How Great Thou Art - Voice And Piano
Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair
On Wings Of Song
Plaisir d'amour
O For The Wings Of A Dove - Voice And Piano
Simplified version
Land of Hope and Glory Op. 39
Pie Jesu
Strophic Songs Op. 21 Vol.2
Lauridsen Der Var En Lystig?
3 Pianostycken Op. 54/2
15 Sange Op 29 Bk 3 Vce/Pf
15 Sange Op 27 Bk 1 Vce/Pf
15 Sange Op 28 Bk 2 Vce/Pf
Saaby Min Mundharmonika
Sange og Arier Fra.. Fs24,1
Kampene I Stefans Borgs Hjem
Skal Blomsterne Da Visne
2 Sylvia Plath Songs
Universe Birds Ssa Sc

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