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Joseph Canteloube: Chants d'Auvergne Vol.1
Folksong Arrangements Volume 3
Song Album Vol. 2
Songs of Romance and Delight
Wiegenlieder - Klavierband
Volkslieder - Klavierband
Advents- und Weihnachtslieder
Klavier- und Musizierband für Singstimme, Klavier, instrumentale Oberstimme
Wiegenlieder aus aller Welt. Liederbuch inkl. CD
Lullabies of the world
Der alte Sünder - Ein Erich Meder Songbook
Ein Erich Meder Songbook
Canti Scozzesi (70)
American Ballads And Folk Songs
Jewis Festival And Folk Songs: Book One
25 Folksong Solos for Children
Easy Arrangements for Voice and Piano, especially created for Young Singers
Folk Tune Favorites Primer
Folk Tune Favorites 1
Songs Of Fun and Foolishness
Train Songs
Songs Of The Great Outdoors
Earth and Nature Songs
Songs of Peace & Friendship
Songs That Made History Around
A Young Man's Fancy
The Pibroch Op. 157 No. 1 In B Minor
Come To The Fair In G Major
Watching The Wheat
Bound For Rio Grande
A Selection Of Collected Folk-Songs Volume 1
13 Folksongs Book 1
13 Folksongs Book 2
The Mermaid and Two Other Water Songs
Collected Folksong Arrangements
Volume 1
Adios Montanas Mias Zortzico
Ocon: Cantos Espanoles
Goyonechea Ramillete De Cantos Charros - Volume 1
Canciones Populares De Extremadura
Mingote: Racimico De Coplas Y Estribillos
Mingote: Ruisenor Del Pilar Copla
Yo Vi Llorar Tus Ojos Zortzico for Voice and Piano
Ramirez: El Romeral Cantar Andaluz Romeria
Canciones Espanolas Volume 2 for Voice and Piano
Caniones Populares De Andalucia
Mingote: Manojico De Coplas Y Estribillos
Aguila: Doce Habaneras Populares
Canciones Espanolas Antiguas (Canto Y Piano)
Cinco Farolas
Con Los Ojos Del Alma
Vinyes Verdes Vora El Mar for Voice and Piano
Coros Espanoles Vol.3
Toldra: Les Garbes Dormen for Voice and Piano
Aunque Vives En Costera
Eduardo Toldra: Doce Canciones Populares Espanolas
Federico Garcia Lorca: La Tarara, Cancion Infantil
Cuatro Canciones Vascas for Voice and Piano
Cuatro canciones sobre textos gallegos
Canciones Espanolas for Voice and Piano
26 Canciones Volumen 1 y 2 for Voice and Piano
Flores De Espana
Jota Aragonesa
La Gracia De Andalucia
Galicia, Album Con 42 Cantos y Bailes Populares
Murcia Album Con 20 Cantos y Bailes Populares
Valencia Album Con 18 Cantos y Bailes Populares
Echenausia: Nere Biotz Dana for Voice and Piano
Francesc Pujol: Canciones Populares Catalanas
Boga Boga Marinela for Voice and Piano
Vallejos: Aurrera, Zortzico for Voice and Piano
No Te Olvido Zortzico for Voice and Piano
Tu Ausencia Lloro Zortzico Voice and Piano
Aritzari Zortzico
Legaza: La Mujer Del Fenomeno for Voice and Piano
Folk Songs From The British Isles
Volume 1
Aksel Agerby
Go'e Sange 1
Go'e Sange 2

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