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Christmas with the Classics
A School-Time, Yule-Time Journey
It's a Wonderful World (Countries A-Z)
25 Unison Songs for Young Singers
Stone Soup
A Mini-Musical for Unison Voices
Dear Santa: Letters and Songs to the North Pole
A Merry Mini-Musical for Unison Voices
It's Easy Being Green!
A Songbook or Program Teaching Us Ways to Save Our Planet for Unison Voices
School Daze, Version 2.0
Scenes and Songs from a Rockin' School Day for Unison and 2-Part Voices
Creepy Creatures
Crazy Christmas
A Jolly Holiday Songbook or Program for Unison Voices
Tom Sawyer & Company
A Mini-Musical Based on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
A Tribute to the Armed Services
Three Moravian Carols
The Woodland Stream
There's a Clean Wind Blowing
Sunset Play
The Trees In England
If A Pig Wore A Wig
Like Morning Dew
An Order For Holy Communion
When We Were Very Young
The Owl
Come You Not From Newcastle?
Ave Maria
Litany To Mary
Bless The Lord All Created Things
Starlit Stable
Windy Weather
Goodnight Song
The Lord'S Prayer Full
The First Mercy
For The Fallen
Mary's Song
Two Christmas Carols
Children'S Wassail Song
Five Welsh Folk Songs
The Holly and The Ivy
The Bread Of The Hungry
Little Baby Born At Dark Midnight
Come To The Stable
While Faith Is With Me
Three Children'S Songs
Orpheus With His Lute
My Love Is Like A Red Red Rose
The Crow
The East Indiaman
Horace Was A Hippo
Dream Pedlary
The Lily Has A Smooth Stalk
When I Am Laid In Earth
Flocks In Pastures Green Abiding
A Spring Song
The Gipsy Girl
Sweet Kate
When Icicles Hang By The Wall
Blessed Is The Man
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis In D Major
Evening Service In E Flat
Le Springtime
The Ducks
The Blackbird
The Sailor Lad
Old Mister Noah
When I Am A-Roaming
Christmas Lullaby
The Hand Of Spring
Drake'S Drum
Little Silver Fishes
The Grandfather Clock
The Beech The Birch And The Lime
The Scarecrow
Three Fine Ships
The Robin
The Song Of The Music Makers
The Sheffield Cathedral Descants
Set 2
Ten Unison Christmas Carols
Three Christmas Carols
Shepherds' Song
Ring Out Wild Bells
The Gipsies' Song
Buttercup Gold
The Frog
The Sheffield Cathedral Descants
Set 1
Hark! The Sound
Pentatonic Music IV - 140 Chuvash Melodies
140 Chuvash Melodies
Joshua Fought The Battle
To people who have gardens
Songs of the Hebrides
Johnny has gone for a soldier
Dream Angus
Scottish Lullaby
To Music
Sixteenth Century German Chorale
A Carol of Peace
Little Bird
Cielito Lindo
Traditional From Mexico
O Frondens Virga
Chants for The Trinity: Father and Son
Chants for The Blessed Virgin Mary
Chants for The Trinity: Holy Spirit
Symphonia Armonie Celestium Revelationum Vol. Iv
Chants for The Celestial Hierarchy
Symphonia Armonie Celestium Revelationum Vol.V
Chants for The Patron Saints
Chants for Virgins, Widows, and Innocents
Symphonia Armonie Celestium Revelationum
Vol.Vii: Chants for Saint Ursula and 11,000 Virgins
Chants for Ecclesia
Thirteen Hymns
Songs for The Blessed Virgin Mary
2 Chants for Saint Eucharius Of Trier
2 Responsories
Ordo Virtutum
A Music Drama for Voices and Assorted Accompaniments
Ave Generosa
O Viridissima Virga
O Ecclesia
O Virga Mediatrix
O Successores
40. De Confessoribus
Domine Dominus Noster
O Clarissima Mater
Sed Diabolus
Karitas Habundat
Music For The Christmas Season Volume 1
Music For The Christmas Season Volume 2
Music For The Christmas Season Volume 3
O Vivens Fons
Ordo Virtutum
O Pastor Animarum
O Virtus Sapentia
O Virga Ac Diadema
O Dulcis Electe
O Felix Anima
O Ierusalem
O Rubor Sanguinis
Columba Aspexit
Sequence for Saint Maximin
Music for Easter Season V.1
Music for Easter Season V.2
Music for Easter Season V.3
O Quam Preciosa
Spiritui Sancto
60. De Undecim Milibus Virginibus: Responsory for Saint Ursula and Eleven-Thousand Virgins
O Quam Magnum Miraculum Est
Amazing Grace Anthem
General Anthem for Unison (Or 2-Part) Mixed Voices, Solo (Optional), and Keyboard
Sing for Joy
Singer's Edition
Leader/Accompaniment Version
Singer's Edition
Pie Jesu From Requiem, Op. 48
Peaceful, Silent Night
Simply Gregorian
Build Me A World
Oh Shenandoah
Peace Like A River
May The Road Rise To Meet You
An Irish Blessing
My World
Johnny Has Gone for A Soldier
My Lord, What A Morning
How Can I Keep From Singing?
Danny Boy
Annie Laurie
Kyrie Gregorianus
Spirit Of Christmastime
America, The Beautiful
For The Beauty Of The Earth
Kyrie Eleison
Sunset In My Mind, The
This Shall Be for Music
I'm So Glad It's Christmas
Born, Born In Bethlehem
I Know Where I'm Going
Cielito Lindo
Prettier Far Than These
All The Pretty Little Horses
Waters Ripple and Flow
Simple Gifts, The
Water Is Wide, The (Waly, Waly)
Silence and The Song, The
Let There Be Song
Artist Teaches Us All, The
Song Of The Open Road
Home To Oyster Bay
Song I Keep In My Heart, The
Snowflake Carol
Still, Still, Still & Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Last Voyage, The
Psalm Of Life, A
Two Spanish Folksongs
I. Riqui, Riqui Riquirr'ín Ii. El Capotin
Arroz Con Leche
Rice Pudding
Never Far From Home
If I Had Three Wishes
Season Of Wonder, Season Of Light
How Can I Keep From Singing
The Holly and The Ivy
Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Music, Like A Radiant Light
Peace Be With You
The World is Waiting
Rockwood River
The Wind
O Rushing Wind
I'm Happy That Christmas is Here
Carol of the Bells
The Rhythm Reader
Supplemental Exercises for SOS: Simplify our Sightreading
Hidden In Plain Sight
By An' By
I'm Gonna Lay Down My Heavy Load
Joy and Woe are Woven Fine
A Day In The Life Of The Sun
Rise, Rise Thou Merry Lark
Winter Dream
Faith, Hope, and Love
Sing for Joy
Three Kings Came Traveling
Psalm 136
Salve festa dies
Vater unser
Da pacem, Domine / Verleih uns Frieden
Credo III [Ich glaube an den einen Gott]
Pater noster
Salve Regina
Heiteres Licht vom herrlichen Glanze
Lichthymnus III - Zum Abend
Herr, dich loben die Geschöpfe
Lonquich: Tod und Vergehen [2 Sätze]
Gesänge zur Fußwaschung am Gründonnerstag
Evangelium zur Fußwaschung
Goede Vader
Heilig Is God
Goede Vader Van Alle Mensen
Heilig Is De Heer
Jezus Kom Nu
Laat Ons Bidden
Jezus De Kindervriend
De Heer Zij Lof En Eer
De Heiland Is Nabij
De Vormselrap
De Wilgen
Mijn Naam
Deutsches Ordinarum Ökumen. Text
Ausgabe A
Salzburger Domweihmesse 1974 Deutsches Ordinarium
Einfache Fassung
Marche Lorraine Pour Choeur a L'Unisson
Wie Man Singt und Saget
Sing Along in Latin
Biblical Songs for a Contemporary Christian Com.
Come, Let Us Worship
Joy, and Other Sublime Aspirations (melody ed.)
Joy, and Other Sublime Aspirations (unison ed.)
Ride On
Love Knows No Season
Happy the Man
Room in the Inn
Jubilate Deo - Accompaniment
Gonna Sing, My Lord
Winter Name of God - Guitar Edition
Who Calls You by Name - Presider's Edition
Hymns and Hers for Happy Hearts
Choir Book for Advent, A
Advent Choral Book
Come to Me - Guitar edition
Songs for the Christian Journey
I Shall See God
Wondrous Love Words/Melody/Guitar
Aguas de la Tierra
Waters from the Earth
2 Flutes, Saxophone, 2 Violins, Trumpet
In the Morning I Will Sing
An Alternative Morning Prayer Setting
Light the Fire â Collection
When Children Gather - Full Score
Music for Liturgies with Children
Light of the World
Solo instrument
Celebrating Our Faith - Student Melody Book
Vespers -A Service of Evening Prayer
Lectionary Psalms for Advent and Christmas
Lectionary Psalms for Advent and Christmas
Do This in Memory of Me: Holy Communion
Lutheran Holy Communion Setting
One Good Christmas
With You by My Side-Volume 1: The Journey of Life
Music and prayers for youth and youth leaders
With You by My Side - Volume 2: Confirmation
Music and prayers for youth and youth leaders
Blest Are We Songbook
Three Food Songs
Three Insect Songs
Songs Of London Town
Lions and Crocodiles
Centipede and Other Rhymes
Eight Nonsense Songs
Let The Children Sing
Song Cycle For Young Voices
Original In Key D
Simplified In Key D
Simplified In Key C
Joy Of My Heart
Holy Night
Lark Now Leaves His Watery Nest
Humpty Dumpty
Shoo Shaggie
Wee Folk
Toy Soldiers
Child's Prayer
Up The Airy Mountain
Westering Home
Uist Tramping Song
Come Along
All In The April Evening
Lewis Bridal Song
Mairi's Wedding
Air Falalalo
Iona Boat Song
Six Regional Canadian Folk Songs
Mingulay Boat Song
Wee Willie Winkie
Blake's Cradle Song
Ho-Ree, Ho-Ro, My Little Wee Girl
Come O'er The Stream Charlie
Rosebud By My Early Walk
Ten Thousand Miles Away
Fairy Tree
If Old Man From Kilkenny Over The H
Blarney-Little Boats-3 Little Towns
Fairy Hill - Travellers
Long Long Ago
Frost Is Here
Duke Of Wellington
Three Songs For Boys
Marketing Day
Three Calendar Songs For Children
Two Old French Carols
I Saw Three Ships
Two Eighteenth Century Songs
Three French Carols
Our Donkey
Three French Songs
Grateful Heart - Db
Easter Greeting
Workers' Carol
Morag's Cradle Song
Lions and Crocodiles
Stars Sang In God's Garden
Welsh Cradle Song
When Grandpa Was A Little Girl Like
Golden City Of St.Mary
Gentle Thorns
How The Rose Got Its Thorn
Little Pets Of Mochua
How Far Is It To Bethlehem
Beauty Bright
Light In The Cradle
Country Cat
Great Granny Jingles
Little Lambs, Where Do You Sleep
Songs Of Heroes
Victoria Station
Great Granny's Seaside Songs
Still South I Went and 4 Other Songs
Wind Music
Little Jesus Came To Town
Song For A Baby Sister To A Baby Brother
Spider Hunter
Holy Babe Boy
Spring Is The Reason
Babe Is Born
Blake's Lullaby
Five Primary Songs
Sleep, Little Jesus
We Love To Sing
Three Jovial Welshman
Once Upon A Christmas Time
Near A Leafy Woodland
Old Gipsy
Thunder and Lightning
World's End
Angels Brightly Sing The Song
Ev'ryday Things
Two Icelandic Folk Songs
Bells Across The Frosty Plain
Bells Across The Frosty Plain Glock
Christmas Time Is Carol Time
Christmas Time Is Carol Time Glock
Angel Gabriel From God
Snowdrop and Lamb
Songs For Joanna
Welcome Carol
Joy To The World
Thou Blessed Haven
Three Bird Songs
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis
Little Leprechaun
Where The Bee Sucks - F
Carol Of The Refugee Children
Circus Songs
Songs Of Springtime
Seven Children's Songs
Penguin Dance
Jumpety Bumpety
On The Back Of An Eagle
Humpy The Camel The Fox
Your Wonderful Sleigh
We Can Make A Difference
From The Zoo
Flunky Jim
Good Day Sire Cristemas
Songs Of Advent
Dream Pedlary
Slow Horses Slow
A Minor
Lord's Prayer
Deux Chansons D'enfants
Gay Is The Rose
By A Clear Fountain
Come Celebrate the Festive Springtime
Folksong Partners Around the World
More Flexible Favorites for Unison and Part-Singing Fun
Folksong Partners Around the World
More Flexible Favorites for Unison and Part-Singing Fun
Mary's Lullaby
Rock On! (Feature Medley)
The Alfred Burt Carols for Children
Every Child's a Promise
Lord Is My Shepherd, The
Sol Fa, So Good
Sol Fa, So Good
Choirs In Unison Book 1
Choirs In Unison Book 2
Santa, What You Gonna Get From Me?
Ernest, The Unbelieving Reindeer
Domine Deus, Agnus Dei
Pig In The Parlor
Building Character
Through Music, Movement and More!
The Amazing Melody-Making Musical Time Travelers
Groovin' With The Grimms
Yo, Leonardo!
Sing and Dance Around The World, Book 2
The Box
Go, Galileo!
Penguins On Parade
What's Shakin', Shakespeare?
Freddie The Frog and The Mighty Meter Gnome
Alphabet Adventures Of Sometimes Y
The Patriots
The Patriots
Once Upon A Folk Tale
Once Upon A Mountain Tale
Tunes For Little Children
Rejoice This Day, Noel!
The Crawdad Song
The Mosquito Blues
Snap Happy
Surprise Symphony
When Seasons Pass
Cousin Buford
The School Lunchroom Blues Food For Thought
Christmas Cookies
Still, Still, Still
Getting It Together
Practical Time Saving Warm-Ups
Orffestrations For Christmas, Vol. 1
Orffestrations For Christmas, Vol. 2
Some Folks For Young Folks
Orffestrations Of The Masters
Winter Carol
Cuncti Simus
Piping Down The Valleys Wild -Treble Licensed Part
Sechs Lieder op. 44
3. Der Kiebitz Der Herrgott hangt die Sonn' heraus
Folkevisen I Danmark 8
Cantorinus III
Choral Anthology
Viva La Musica
Bro Brille, Klaver
Danske Viser
Jeg Går I Tusind' Tanker
151 Andre Sange
Før Søndagen
Syng Nu For Herren
De Ni Læsninger
Jubilemus 1 Equal Voices
Engelsk Kormusik 4
Jubilate Deo
Årets Tolv Måneder
De Syv Læsninger, Part
De Syv Læsninger
18 Engelske Julesange
18 Tyske Julesange
4 Ungarske Bicinier
16 Franske Julesange
Let For Kor 1 Udgået
Let For Kor 2
Let For Kor 3
Panis Angelicus
Part Lige St
Panis Angelicus
7 Lange Og 7 Brede-
Det Er Ikke Så Svært

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