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International Drum Rudiments
Drum Rudiment Dictionary
Kid'S Drum Course 1 (Elementary)
Stick Control - Snaredrummer
Accents and Rebounds (Updated)
For the Snare Drummer
Dodge Drum Chart
Modern Reading Text In 4/4
Odd Time Reading Text
For All Instruments
My First Snare Drum
Brushworks - The DVD (Double DVD Set)
Syncopation Etudes for Snare Drum
Primary Handbook For Snare Drum
Snare Drums Basics
Hal Leonard School for Snare Drum
Hal Leonard Snare Drum Method
40 Intermediate Snare Drum Solos
Rudimental Snare Drum Grooves
The Modern Snare Drummer
Mastering Snare Drum
First Lessons Snare Drum
Snare Drum Primer
Snare Drum 101
Stick Control
Stick Control pour Tambour et Caisse-Claire
Version fran├žaise

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