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Reynaldo Hahn: Rondels
Nuit De Felicite
Sont Trois Hommes Fort Sages
Vesperae Solennes De Dominica K.321
Symphony no. 9 in D minor op. 125
Who Is Sylvia?
Agnus Dei
Lamb of God
Tannhaeuser WWV 70
Entrance Chorus
Chor Fantasie c-moll Opus 80
Sechs Quartette
Für Vier Singstimmen und Klavier
Missa Brevis In D KV 65
Geselligkeit (Die) D609
Tanz (Der) D826
Liebeslieder Op. 52
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Hospodi Pomilui [Lord Have Mercy]
A Parable Of Death
Cantate liberté
Alléluia du Messie (français)
Litanja Ostrobramska
Calme Des Nuits Op.68 No.1
Réduction pour chant & piano
La Source
Sous Bois
Priere Des Malades (Acte 2, scène3)
Extraite de Joseph Merrick dit Elephant Man
Trois Chansons (No 1)
Nicolette Pour Choeur Mixte et Piano
Trois Chansons (No 3)
Ronde Pour Choeur Mixte Et Piano
Do You Love for Beauty?
Liebst du um Schönheit
Vierstimmige Gesänge Hob.XXVc 1-9
Zigeunerlieder Op.103/112
SATB chorus with piano reduction
Une Saison En Enfer
SATB and Piano
Lady Liberty
SATB and Piano
Obedient Choir of Emotions
Candide Choral Suite
The Palms Les Rameaux
SATB with Piano or Organ
Mad about Mozart
How many Christmases
from CoolSide of Yuletide
Unfold Ye Portals From The Redemption
Awake The Harp From The Creation
Worthy Is The Lamb That Was Slain From Messiah
Does NOT include 'Amen'
Adoramus Te Christe From The Last Words Of Christ
Hallelujah Amen From Judas Maccabeus
Christmas Hymn From Three Choral Hymns
Shepherd's Chorus
From Amahl and the Night Visitors
Lord Hosanna In Highest
The Holly And The Ivy
My Soul Longeth For Thee
Christmas At The Cloisters
Tantum Ergo E Flat
All People That On Earth Do Dwell
Patapan - French Carol
Choral Finale
Nativity - A Christmas Canticle for the Child
Two Christmas Ballads
For Mixed Chorus and Piano or Amplified Guitar
Cradle Song
Christmas Past and Christmas Present
Près du fleuve étranger
Ave Maria
Cantique de Jean Racine (Op.11)
Gala Del Dia (Finery of the Day)
#1 from Indianas
Quien Fuera Como El Jazmin (Who Could Be Like...)
#2 from Indianas
Chanarcito, Chanarcito? (A Thorny Bush)
#3 from Indianas
Viento Norte (Northern Wind)
#4 from Indianas
Al Tribunal De Tu Pecho (For the Court of Your H.)
#5 from Indianas
Una De Dos (One or the Other)
#6 from Indianas
Where The Gentle Avon Flows
A Hoy Calendar
A Neat Slice Of Time
Down In The Forest
Fair Maid Of Perth
The Battle Eve
Whispering Hope
Cherry Ripe
These Are The Lovely Things
Passing By
Ave Maria
Cradled In A Manger
Break Of Day
Selections Die Fledermaus
The Lost Chord
Overture - Poet and Peasant
Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
Santa Lucia
O For A Heart To Praise My God
The Minuet
Midsummer Madness
La Belle Dame Sans Merci
The Birth Of Christ
Of Beasts
The Heavens Are Telling
Reminiscences Of Verdi
Hail Smiling Morn
White Moonlight On The Lake
Choral Fantasia From Mastersingers Of Nuremberg
The Shepherds' Cradle Song
Abide With Me
Mannin Veen
I Live Not Where I Love
Matthew, Mark, Luke And John
What If I Never Speed
The Nightingale and Linnet
The First Love
Silent Worship
Swedish Drinking Song
Close Thine Eyes
In Exultation My Soul Rejoices
Sweet Little Linnet
This Life Is Jolly, O!
The Wraggle Taggle Gipsies, O!
Johnnie Cope
A Fairy Lullaby
Come My Way, My Truth, My Life
Follow Me Down To Carlow
The Mill-Wheel
Four Chansons No. 3 and 4
When The Herds Were Watching
In Praise Of Music
I Know Of A Maiden
The Spinning Jenny
Thou Spirit Of Love Divine
Resonet In Laudibus
Buy Broom Besoms
The Lark In The Clear Air
The Tailor and The Mouse
O Come, All Ye Faithful
O God Of Earth and Altar
Come Let's Rejoice
O Come Let Us Sing Unto The Lord
This Joyous Day
The Creed, Lords Prayer and Responses
2 Short Anthems and Lord's Prayer
The Shepherds Story
Myn Lyking
The Choral Fantasia
Creation - Vocal Score (Old Novello Edition)
Eric Spring Garland For Satb And Piano
Hiawatha's Wedding Feast
Missa Solemnis
Great Choruses From Great Oratorios
Come Redeemer Of Our Race (English Text Only)
Wind Band Mass (Harmonie-Messe) Vocal Score
Magnificat In D
Duets Dialogues And Trios
Purcell Society Volume 22B
The Prince Of Sleep
Tb O Come You From Newcastle (For Rehearsal Only)
O Give Thanks
And It was The Third Hour
It Is A Good Thing
Death And Life
By The Waters Of Babylon
With Cheerful Notes Let All The Earth
Lo! Star-led Chiefs (Palestine)
How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings (Requiem)
New Engraving
The Heavens are Telling
The Creation (New Engraving)
There Is No Rose Of Such Virtue
Emmanuel (English Version By Walter Emery)(E/L)
Let My Prayer Arise
How Blessed
We Sing To Thee
With Pious Heart
Happy And Blest Are They (From St Paul)
How Lovely Are The Messengers
I Will Call Upon The Lord (English)
I Will Call Upon The Lord (Kyrie Eleison) (Latin)
Glorious Is Thy Name (12th Mass)
Be Not Afraid
Christians Be Joyful
Come And Thank Him
A Calm Sea And Prosperous Voyage Op.112
Let Me Careless
Hail Smiling Morn
Sweet Peace Descending
The Easter Hymn
Come If You Dare
Come My Brothers To Pius Sing Praises
See What Love Hath The Father
Italy (Words By Mary Novello Vincent's Wife)
See The Chariot At Hand
The Waits / Dobson Collet
vocal Rudiments Pt 2
Lo My Shepherd Is Divine
God My King (Adapted By R R Ross)
Hark The Lark
To God On High/Sleepers Wake
Thy Voice O Harmony
Awake Aeolian Lyre
Sigh No More Ladies S
He Comes Ordained Of Yore
O Praise The Lord
Unto Thee O Lord
Blessed Are The Dead Satbb/Piano
Praise The Lord, O Jerusalem
Oh! The Roast Beef Of England
The Lord Is King
See Our Oars With Feather'd Spray
Sound The Loud Timbrel
Calm Is The Glassy Ocean
But The Lord Is Mindful Of His Own
To Rome's Immortal Leader
Dulce Domum (English/Latin)
Partant Pour La Syrie
(French Traditional - english Words)
How Sleep The Brave
O How Amiable Are Thy Dwellings
Blest Are The Departed Who In The Lord AreSleeping
The Stars That Above Us Are Shining
Fair And Noble Lady (Noble Chatelaine)
Behold I Bring You Good Tidings
Hail Blushing Goddess
All Among The Barley
Breathe Soft Ye Winds
Great Bashaw (Al Bascia) (Eng/Ital)
If Ye Love Me Keep My Commandments
What Mournful Thoughts S
Happy Is Our Soldier Band (Bella Vita Militar)
O Lord Who Hast Taught Us
The Forester
Not Unto Us O Lord
Now O Now I Needs Must Part
The Sleep Of The Flowers
Take Care Take Care
Drive Far From Us The Mortal Foe
The Song Of The Poppies
Old May-day
Come Unto Me All Ye That Labour
Praised Be The Lord Daily
In The Beginning Was The Word
Sleep Gentle Lady
Who Is Sylvia?
How Good Are Thy Tents
The Last Night Of The Year
Out Of The Deep Have I Called Unto Thee
Chloe And Corinna
I Will Lay Me Down In Peace
Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred
I Saw The Moon Rise Clear
The Night Is Far Spent
Come Let Us Join The Roundelay
Hark! 'Tis The Indian Drum
Britons Strike Home
Sweete Floweres, Ye Were Too Faire
Sigh No More Ladies
Blessed Is He Who Cometh / Kyrie Eleison
When The Sun Sinks To Rest
Awake My Love Awake
Come Let Us Be Merry
O Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem
Daughters Of Jerusalem
Wake Thee My Dear
This World Is All A Fleeting Show
The Welcome Home
Up Brothers Up
O My Luve's Like A Red Red Rose
The Victors' Return
A Hymn Of Faith (Edited J Barnby)
The Swallow
Once Upon My Cheek
For The New Year
Blessed Are The Merciful
The Dream Of Home
Oh Sing Again That Simple Song
We March We March To Victory
The Parting Kiss
The Spring
The Lark's Aloft
The Cambrian Plume
The Angels Breathe On Flowers
Fair Katie
Gentle Winds Around Her Hover
To The Redbreast
We Watch'd Her Breathing
The Lord Be A Lamp
Love Me Little Love Me Long
Call To Remembrance T/
Hear Us O Saviour
Song To Spring
Blessed Be The Lord God Of Israel
Field Flowers
The Maiden Of The 'Fleur De Lys'
Good Night, Farewell
He Is Risen
Raise Again The Bold Refrain
Oh! The Flowery Month Of June
Summer And Winter
The Cuckoo Sings In The Poplar Tree
Give Ear O Lord (Ave Maria)
Loose The Sail Rest The Oar
Daughters Of Zion
Silent Night
Requited Love
O Lord Thou Art My God
Good Night Good Night Beloved!
Lady See On Every Side
Four Settings Of The Kyrie Eleison (Eb, C, F & G)
The Russian National Anthem (In English!)
In The Merry Spring
Traditional (Swabian Folksong) Come Dorothy Come
Sing On With Cheerful Strain
Lake And Waterfall
Good Night (Bon Soir)
Parting And Meeting
R Ye Little Birds That Sit And Sing
Parting And Meeting
O Come, Let Us Worship
Jesu, Lord Of Life
The Owl
The Last Wild Rose
Tell Me Flora
Lord I Call Upon Thee
It Is This
A Wreath For Christmas
Gipsy Life
The Urchins' Dance
Lullaby / Farewell (German Folksong)
summer Eve / Wartensee
the Wanderer'd Night Song Satb/Piano
the Lover To His Mistress /Thibaut t'other Morning
Remember Not Lord Our Offences/Heap-if Ye Love Me
It Was A Lover
The Ferry Maiden
The Wreath
The Lark Now Leaves His Watery Nest
The Clouds That Wrap The Setting Sun
King Winter
The Spring's Free Sunshine Falleth
To Daffodils
Song For Spring
Behold The Sun In Gold Descending
Ragged And Torn And True
Summer Is Nigh
New Year's Song
The Parting Kiss
It Is Not Always May
Hurrah For Merry England
A New Year's Carol
The Watchword
Peacefully Slumber, My Own Darling Son
Hiller Round Jerusalem Stand The Mountains
Drop Down, Ye Heavens, From Above
The Evening Star
Sydenham-when The Rosy Morn
Weelkes-to Shorten Winters Sadness
Cruickshank-o Summer Wind / Evening
A Border Ballad
Summer's Goodbye
A Psalm Of Life
Thour Art Mighty O Eros
Blow Breezes O'er The Flow'ry Lea
O Lord How Manifold Are The Works
Tell Me Thou Soul Of Her I Love
Sleep Darling Sleep
The Rainbow
Jog On The Footpath Way
To The Spring Wind Op28 No.1
I Asked My Fair One Happy Day
Hymn Of Praise
The Snowdrop
The Unfaithful Shepherdess
Now The Curfew Bell
Weelkes Welcome Sweet Pleasure
Hark! 'Tis The Horn Of The Hunter
Matona Lovely Maiden
Stars Of The Summer Night
A Singer's Requiem
The Voice Of Spring
All Is Peace
When Icicles Hang By The Wall
From O'er The Sea
Silvery Christmas Bells
The Empire Flag
Love And Summer
Mary Morison
Go Lovely Rose
The Legend Of Saint Christopher
The Lover's Plaint
The Sun Has Arisen
Row Gently Here
The Treasures Of The Deep
Moonlight And Music
Soldier Rest
I Love The Jocund Dance
The Shepherd Boy
Hymn To Diana
The Sun Is Careering In Glory And Might
Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind
A Sunny Shaft Did I Behold
The Darksome Night Has Gone
Blow Gentle Breeze
Four Christmas Carols (See Contents)
Songs Of The River No.1 Boat Song
Adieu Sweet Amarillis (Edited J F Bridge)
Come Now Ye Maidens
Sleep Baby Sleep -
The Brook
The Brightest Day Of All The Year
Hail Golden Morn
Speak To Me With Thine Eyes Love
The Rover
The Pilgrim That Journeys All Day
O Swallow Fly Not Yet!
To The Audience
Shine On O Moon
Two Cupids
A Lover's Counsel
Blow Ye Gentle Breezes Blow
O'er The Woodland Chace
Ballad Of Earl Haldan's Daughter
Softly The Moonlight
There Was Silence In Bethlehem's Fields
Now The Wearied Sun Declining
Under The Greenwood Tree
A Shadow
Pack Clouds Away
A Wet Sheet And A Flowing Sea
The Fairy Queene
How Soft The Shades
The Queen-god Bless Her!
If I Had But Two Little Wings
In Sherwood Lived Stout Robin Hood
Airs Of Summer Softly Blow
Sleep Baby
Home Is Home However Lowly
Now Is My Chloris Fresh As May
Come Away Sweet Love
Men Are Fools That Wish To Die!
A Land Dirge
Love And Gold
Breathe So Softly Ye Breezes
Sweet Vales Of Devonia
The Woods And Every Sweet-smelling Tree
The Nightingale In Silent Night
To Night Op30 No.1
Walford-davies A Song Of Rest
The Lark And The Nightingale
She Walks In Beauty
Nights Of Music
A Love Symphony
By The Lone Sea
All The World Is Bright
Cupid Detected
Sweet Love If Thou Wilt Gain
Sleep Sleep Mother's Own Pretty One
I Love My Jean
Laugh At Loving If You Will
Dream Tryst
In A Drear-nighted December
Weep No More
Away To The Woodlands
Fair Daffodils
O Were My Love Yon Lilac Fair
Song To The Evening Star
A Shepherd In A Glade
It Is Not That I Love You Less
A Field Flower
Phillis The Fair
Shepherds All And Maidens Fair
Soft Winds Blow
Summer Song
Firm Is Our Will To Serve The Lord
There Sits A Bird On Yonder Tree
As The Moon's Soft Splendour
Delia The Stary Nymph -
Tis Sweet To Hear The Merry Lark
Come May With All Thy Flowers
The Day Is Past And Over
Love And Glory
Phillis In The New Made Hay
Good Night
An Old Story
Love Wakes And Weeps
Shew Us Thy Mercy Lord Most High
God Sends The Night
O Lord The Maker Of All Thing
Meg Merrilies
n Silent Night/Love Fare Thee Well
Wake The Serpent Not
Spring's Welcome
The Links O' Love
The Shadow Of Life
One With Eyes The Fairest
Call Of The Breeze
The Song Of Fionnuala
The Moon's Warm Beams Are Falling
O Tender Sleep
Death The Reaper
Whispers Of Summer
I Will Lay Me Down In Peace
Evening Brings Us Home
Rest Comes At Eve
In Pride Of May
Here A Pretty Baby Lies
When You Sing
An Autumn Song
Three Christmas Carols (See Contents)
The Evening Star
Proud Maisie
A Song At Evening
Phyllis The Fair
When All The World Is Young
Morning Song
The Meeting Of The Waters
Tell Me My Lute
Gather Ye Rosebuds
I Love My Love In The Morning
Love Is A Sickness Full Of Woes
The Islet
Rose Of The Valley
Enticing Sounds
Love Wakes And Weeps
Sweet Western Wind
Deliver Me O Lord
The Minstrel Boy
Give Peace In Our Time O Lord
Go Where Glory Waits Thee
A Character Of Love
In The Merry Month Of May
Echo Song
Once I Loved A Maiden Fair
There Is A Lady Sweet And Kind
O Almighty God (Edited By John E.West)
Cast Off All Doubtful Care
Tell Me Where Is Fancy Bred
God And Our Good Cause
Beloved It Is Well!
Weep You No More Sad Fountains
The Lass With The Delicate Air
How Happy The Lover
Christ Will Gather In His Own
When I Thy Singing Next Shall Hear
Oh! The Noble Duke Of York
Ah! Dear Heart
Good King Wenceslas
A Lullaby
Nymphs And Shepherds
Three Sleeps
Here A Pretty Baby Lies
Legend Op54 No.5
I Would I Were The Glow-worm
God Be In My Head
The Night Wind
Lowland Lay
The Isle
Proud Maisie
Say, Shepherds, Say
John Ball Shot Them All
Spring Bursts Today
Thus Saith My Cloris
Twilight Night
Chloris In The Snow
Come Phillis Come Into These Bowers
Song Of Apple Trees
The Keys Of My Heart SATB
Lift Up Your Hearts
Soldiers' Chorus From Faust SATB
Mon Couer
R In Going To My Naked Bed
Amarillis Fair As Lillies S
Verdi See How The Darkness
Verdi Le Fosche Notturne
Breathe Soft Ye Winds
Absence Satb/Accompaniment
The Hardy Norseman's House Of Yore
O Who Will O'er The Downs So Free Satb/Pf
Why With Toil Thy Life Consuming
When Allen-a-dale
I Saw Lovely Phillis
It Was Upon A Springtide Day
Spring Returns
The Song Of The Frank Companies
R How Bright In The May-time
The Winter Song
The Bishop Of Mentz
See How Smoothly
Let Us All Go Maying
List! Lady Be Not Coy
Sing We And Chaunt In
Sing We And Chaunt It
Shoot False Love I Care Not
Laugh Not Youth At Age
Adieu! My Native Shore
Purple Glow The Forest Mountains
Caput Apri Defero
A Chieftain To The Highlands Bound
A King There Was In Thule
Come Let Us Be Merry
War Song
Sweet As A Flower In May
No! No! Nigella
Sir Patrick Spens
On The Water
There's One That I Love Dearly
The Trees All Are Budding
When The Hunter's Horn Is Sounding
Bells Across The Snow
A Battle Song
Auld Lang Syne
Cherry Ripe
Maiden Fair O Deign To Tell
Songs Of The River No.2 Water-Lilies
Songs Of The River No.3 Resting
Songs Of The River No.4 Rowing Homewards
Peace Come Away
Sunshine Op 120 No 1
Evening Op 120 No 2
Let Me Wander Op 120 No 3
To The Stars Op 120 No 4
Resignation Op 120 No 5
Thoughts Of Spring Op 120 No 6
Cupid And Rosalind
Upon My Lap My Soveraigne Sits
Since Thou, O Fondest
Arne Which Properst Day Sing Satb/Pf
The Angels Greeting
The Trysting Place Satb And Piano Op31 No 3
The Three Ships
Daybreak Ssaattbb/Piano
Here's A Health Unto His Majesty
Song Of The Grey Seas
Johnnie Cope
G Grass Of Parnassus
By Celia's Arbour
Where'er You Walk
Edward German Shepherds Dance
A Poet's Hymn No 2 Of 3 Songs Of Praise
May The Grace Of Christ SATB
Let All The World
Cantantibus Organis
An Die Musik
Veni Sancte Spiritus
Sanctus & Benedictus
Jones Country Beyond The Stars V/S
The Coffee Cantata BWV211
The Coffee Cantata (Choruses Only) Arr
Pied Piper Of Hamelin
Alceste Vocal Score
St Matthew Passion (Denys Darlow)
Just So Songs
Three Choral Hymns
Pageant Of Human Life Vocal Score
The Passion Of Christ
Hymn Of Faith Vocal Score
Festival Te Deum
Sanctus From The German Mass (D872)
O Sing Unto The Lord (Also Shows String Parts)
Mors Et Vita
Spring Comes Laughing
From The Peasant Cantata
Four Seasons
The Wonderful Year
Power Of Voice Wedding Edition
Schuberts Ave Maria Op.52 Nr.6
Liebeslieder Walzer Op. 52
Chanson De Maccrimon (N. 5: Chansons Ecossaises)
Marie Morison (N. 8: Chansons Ecossaises)
Lord I Want To Be A Christian
To Music
Ein Freund, ein guter Freund
Das gibt's nur einmal
Liebling, mein Herz lässt dich grüßen
Eine Nacht in Monte Carlo
Du bist das süßeste Mädel der Welt
Kennst du das kleine Haus am Michigan-See
Wenn der Wind weht
Du hast mir heimlich die Liebe ins Haus gebracht
Irgendwo auf der Welt
Das ist die Liebe der Matrosen
(From Messiah)
Father William
From Three Alice In Wonderland Choruses
Cradle Song From Vespers
S.A.T.B Piano
For S.A.T.B Chorus, A Cappella
Hymn To American Spirit
For S.A.T.B Chorus and Piano: From The Opera The Confidence Man
Pilgrims Chorus
From Tannhauser
The Sleep Of The Child Jesus
Le Sommeil De L'Enfant Jesus
Toussaint L'Ouverture-1803
The Quest
S.A.T.B and Piano
Glory and Triumph
Choral Hymn From The 3rd Movement Apotheosis
Two Shelley Songs
The Fugitives
Concerto for Piano and Chorus The Twelve Months
1. Prologue
Ständchen (in G)
Zögernd leise

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