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How Can I Keep from Singing? Quaker Hymn
Joy Be With You All
Scottish Folk Song
Los Bilbilocos
(The Nightingales)
Da Unten Im Tale - In Stiller Nacht
Down Low in the Valley - The Still of Night
Jugoslawische Volkslieder
Willie Taylor
Traditional Folk Song
Berceuse acadienne
Traditional Acadian
In the Moon of Wintertime
French Folk-Song
The lone, wild bird
Southern Folksong
Tek SaulĀ“te
Hasten, Sun
Tris Jaunas Masas
Three Lovely Sisters
The King's Singers Folk Songs
Where Are You Off To , My Dear Husband?
Cajun Folk Song
Peace Like A River
American Folk Song
Gentle Lena Clare
Here Take This Lovely Flower
Traditional Shaker

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