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God Of The Ages
Good News!
Carol Of The Fishermen
What A Lovely Child Is This
The Kingdom Of The Lord
Hallelujah! I Have Found Him
Blessed Is He
Blessed Shall They Be
All Good Gifts
Psalm Of Joy
For Me
Song Of The Spirit
Let All The World Be Glad and Sing
Christ Has No Hands But Ours
Swell The Mighty Song
Psalm 103
My Life, My Love I Give To Thee
So Silently
The Coming Of God To Earth
All Praise
Kling Glöckchen (Ring Little Bells)
We Remember You, O Lord
Simple Praise
On The Mountain
Zion Hears The Watchmen Singing
Easter Gloria
May Love Be Ours, O Lord
A Prayer To Jesus
Praise, Oh, Praise The Lord

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